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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Well what can I say..............

I'm a bad blogger but you already knew I try so hard to update my blog but it just does not seem to work and I try so hard to do a little blog hopping, ready with some loving but that too I'm afraid just doesn't happen. Well it's that time of the year where we all seem to be flat out with the "festive season" and all the challenges it throws at us. Have you done your Christmas shopping? Oh I hope you have all at least started. I know I have and have everything organised........well I hope so anyway. Today I pick up one more present for Grace but as her birthday is 2 days before Christmas Day Tim and I decided we would give this pressie to her for her birthday instead of Christmas. About 2 weeks ago the poor kid had her mobile phone, her wallet and her Ipod stolen and too make matters worse a friend of hers had asked Grace if she could pop her mobile phone and wallet in her bag as well and yep they were knocked off too. The worse thing about the phone is Grace worked so hard after school by picking up garbage for half an hour as often as possible and being paid $5 for it. She saved like mad to buy this pretty darn expensive phone only for someone else to come along and say they'd prefer it instead.....grrrrrrr. Anyway the phone was useless to them as after we reported the theft we also rang Telstra and they put a full block on the phone. By doing that they could not turn it on and nor could they put another sim card in for all their efforts they got nothing.
So Tim and I decided that her main pressie would be given to her for her birthday instead and I can't say what it is because she might just pop in and read my blog but I can tell you that it is not a new phone or a new Ipod........nope nope nope better than either of

Ok onto other stuff. Yes I have been scrapping here and there and of course that's what you all come to visit me for right????....ROFL to check out my LO's, well I hope so anyway and to catch up with all other news. So the first 2 are the latest CT LO's created for PBP and the designers there.



And the LO below is a CT LO for Tara Dunstan Designs.


I am finishing off my latest CT LO for Tara and will post that as well when I feel it is worthy to adorn the galleries and my blog.....rofl!

So what else is is coming to a close. Lance finished his exams about 2 weeks ago now and seems to have past.....we are still waiting for the results. But with that he has finished school now as well and we have just finished the orientation/transition program into Yr 11. For those that are nor aware here in Bendigo we have I guess junior and senior high and we also call them Secondary Colleges not highschools. Yes we are pretty much the only area in Australia that does it like this but it works so well. So the 4 main secondary colleges go from yr 7-10 and unless you are in a private school than that will go through to yr 12. Then off to BSSC Bendigo Senior Secondary College for yrs 11 and 12. Without seeming to brag and we only found this out last night at orientation for parents and child that BSSC is pretty much the only school in Australia that caters so well and so much for the kids in Yr 11 and 12. It is nationally recognised as one of the best schools in Australia and they get kids coming here from all round just to do their education in those years. Their success rate is something like 95% and some of the well known people that have come out of that school and made names for themselves world wide are amazing and here I was thinking it was JUST the next stage in Lance's life......hmmmmm a little more than that.

So not only has Lance been going through the transition stage there but Maddison our youngest has also been going through his as he is off to secondary college next year. He had another orientation day Tuesday and seemed to settle in nicely. Ahhhhh my babies are all growing up.

On another "Lance" moment he is 16 of course and now has decided he wants to go for his L's. So we will be booking him in asap and getting another looney driver out onto the roads.

The girls are doing well. Grace finished her exams she had last week and we are just waiting on the results of those but she did top the geography exam and came in with the highest result for that in her class.....and she told me she didn't think she was going to get very yeh right girl! So that was a very proud moment for her as they acknowledged it and paraded her about the place....well just in her class anyway where they applauded her, she had to do a speech and then she got to be in the teachers possie for awhile and dished out a geography test that all the other kids had to do. WTG Grace!

Stephanie didn't have to do exams as she is only in Yr7 but she has been just as active and just as busy with school and she is doing very well.

So the year is almost at a close and it's a very busy time with Christmas and all that goes with that. Don't get too stressed out at this time of year and if nothing else just take it in your stride and enjoy it. Till next blogging take care and stay safe.

Hugs Chris xxoo


Amandac said...

Wow Chris, your LO are fantastic! I don't have a favorite, they are all great! Poor Grace, I feel for her having her birthday so close to Christmas, my hubby and Tasha have their birthday on the 9th and they (well hubby mostly LOL)sometimes feel a bit over presents by the big day LOL! What great news about Lance's new school - it sounds like it is going to help him get great results, these next two years are so important. Wow there is so much to do at the moment - I hope you get a chance to have some Annette time, and relax a little!

Peta Boardman said...

Gosh girl, look at those lo's they are wonderful.. My little guy is just starting school next year and i'm so sad but happy for him at the same time..If you know what i mean so i have all this to look forward too, right!!!

fazzbech said...

I'm sorry I've been scarce! I'm making a concerted effort to catch up with a few blogging buddies tonight, so here I am!

We know why this is called the silly season, don't we? Just sooooo busy, busy, busy! Love seeing your layouts, they are always truly gorgeous! Not long till the big man in the red suit comes now! ;)