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Friday, 21 December 2007

It's not always.......

......... easy to blog new entries on a daily basis or even once a week. Life gets busy, things get in the way, there is often those things such as housework, feeding your tribe and running errands that often stop us from doing things that we really do wish we had a little more time for...........such as blogging and making it a little more regular! But I guess we just do the best we can. :)

The countdown finally begins as we near that special time when Santa slides down our chimneys and delivers those wonderful and precious gifts under our tree. When the children still believe, when Christmas is still magical, when the festivity celebrations are underway and when it is time to sit back, ponder and really think about the true meaning of Christmas, yes the birth of Jesus Christ and what that meant to the world and all those in it. A time to celebrate this miracle in all it's glory, a time to truly appreciate what Christmas is all about.

So as I sit here trying to blog a few words here and there my mind is elsewhere, thinking of a song that has been in my heart and on my lips for the past few weeks and although many others sing this song including Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Rudd, this would have too be one of the most truly beautiful songs ever written and is now renowned as a Christmas Song. Mary Did You Know words written by Mark Lowry and music by Buddy Greene. This song is full of power, passion and emotion. I have watched the video clips and cried and I have sung along with the song but mostly I have listened and I have imagined what the song is saying, the story of a mother and her child and emotion this song brings with it. It takes me to a different place, one of compassion, filled with emotion and power, filled with grief as only a mother can feel and above all, a place that I can draw close to God. I hope you listen to it and enjoy.

Scrapping.......yes I have done a little scrapping. The LO below is my latest PBP CT LO and the last one for the year as we now have a break to do those things that we need to do being Christmas and all. The photo was taken a couple of years ago and is of my youngest son Maddison.


The CT LO below is the latest for Tara Dunstan Designs. Photo has been scrapped before (who could resist) and I just love my girl Grace with a little 'tude!


I am working on 2 other LO's although neither of them are CT LO's and just popping the finishing touches on them before I pop them on here and in the galleries. I have just finished creating some bookmarks (as Christmas gifts) and need to print them off and I have also done some very simple Christmas Cards that I need to take photos of and plonk in here as well. So a little busy before the man in the big red suit arrives.

Well I am going to leave you with my latest LO's for now as my eyes are hanging out my head and I need to pop myself to bed. Till next time...stay safe and stay calm with all the festivity celebrations happening.


Chris xoxox


Anonymous said...

I love that you've linked that video. Every now and then throughout the year, my husband pops a CD in and plays that for me. It never fails to move me to tears....what a magnificent song. You'll note the visits to your blog going up as I come in here and grab that link for easy listening! Marci

Zebette said...

Merry Christmas, Chris and family. I hope you have a wonderful time together tomorrow and that Santa is kind to you all.

Also a very Happy Belated Birthday to Grace..hope you had a fantastic day!