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Sunday, 30 January 2011

new site...

as if i didn't have enough to keep myself busy i've added a new site to my ever growing list of online places. this one is solely a place to post my blog will remain active just the same as it always was but i bit the bullet and decided it was time to have a website for my photos. view it here...chris turnbull photography

now i've said it before but i'll say it again i am not a professional photographer, i just love the creativity and memory keeping photography allows me and consider it a very serious hobby of mine. photography is my passion and i love it!!!

so i'm very happy for you to pop on over there as well and check my photography out and as i find time i'll add more pages and bits and pieces...just have to be patient ;)

onto other's hot yep summer has finally hit 2 months later after it officially started in december....i'm not a hot summers day kinda gal, i love warm weather but spring and autumn are my fave months and summer doesn't quite sit as well. anyway we've had pretty odd weather this summer and the forecast looks like we'll have cooler days inbetween the hot ones so that's going to be quite a welcome reprieve.

yesterday tim, steph and i started on grace's room. we finally cleaned and washed walls, sanded back a couple of areas, sealed the new plaster wall finally and popped one coat of paint on the ceiling and cornices already. it's too hot for the next couple of days to do the extra coat on the ceiling and cornices but in a couple of days we should be right to finish the last of that only to look at sanding back the window sill a little more and really bring the colour in. grace has chosen a wattyl paint colour called grape sparkle for her walls and vivid white for the trims. vivid white will also be the chosen colour for all the trims right through the house and yesterday we finally decided on what colour we will be doing the floorboards. with all the colours chosen for each room we felt a dark colour for the floorboards would be great so we're looking at a charcoal grey for it. we can all visualise it although i'm sure everyone of us will be slightly different with that but still with the other colours we have picked it'll be perfect.

anyhoo gotta go...time to pick up a child of mine from a friends but before i leave here's a pic...

till next time take care and hugs...chris xoxo

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