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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

midweek photos...

january...1st official midweek/wednesday for 2011 already and here i am taking the time to blog...yay me!!! anyhoo it is is the 1st week of january and it is 2011 and while watching the zoo on tv i thought i would grab a moment and ramble on about nothing much and add some more photos as well.

hubbies watering the front garden, steph is watching the zoo on tv as well, isaac is on the laptop, grace is getting ready to head out the door and lance is keeping busy too. the dogs are quiet for now, little puss is sleeping and itty bitty kitty aka tilly is going totally crazy chasing anything that moves in sight...ahhh such is life hey?!

seriously though it's not always like this and this afternoon was quite different with lance close to major meltdown mode and having to tip toe around the house on egg shells......ahhhh yes this is what is normal for our family and another little glimpse into the turnbull household and life as we know it well.

i'm quite happy today as i've cleaned up the office area and although some filing needs to be done and more official BAAG business needs to be sorted and dealt with, there is no hurry to have it finished tonight. i'm also keen to get some much needed scrapping done over the next few days as i want to start scrapping the 2011 calendar i purchases last year.

well that's about it from me for tonight...enjoy the little update and the photos posted below which i took on boxing day of old heritage landmarks etc etc down town eaglehawk.

 not quite a heritage shed out back of the old court house

view of door - old log cabin lockup

 love the old post box and love the detail in the above photos 
outside wall of old log cabin lockup
 old court house

space in between 2 old buildings - town hall and mechanics institute

over the next day or 2 i'll post a few more photo's from this shoot so until then be happy, hugs chris xoxo

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