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Sunday, 23 January 2011


ever get those days that no matter how much you sleep you wake up feeling pretty darn exhausted and have no real explanation for it? well if you have then you know how it makes you and your day pretty restless. that's happened twice for me this past week and although i slept quite well, boy did waking up take it out of me. anyway today was one of those days and usually i just focus on doing things about the place to keep my mind busy so i'm not too overwhelmed with exhaustion but it sucks when you're pretty restless and can't seem to sit still or stay put doing one thing till it's finished. 

however i did managed making the bed, tiding our room a little, clean down the dining table, pop a new lace runner on it along with some gorgeous birds i purchased from a fabulous new store called oliver birch right here in bendigo, place a set of 3 new glass candle holders in our bedroom on our new bed side tables (which i'm slowly redecorating), rearrange a couple of pieces in the dining room, managed hanging a load of washing on the line, look through a couple of decorators mags, empty the garbage, take out the recycles, go and pick up grace from the boyfriends, read the paper, make jugs of cordial, make jugs of iced tea, go and lie down for 40 mins and rest the eyes (too tired to actually sleep but it worked), cook tea, eat and was desperate to get out early this evening and take a couple of pics....all this on a saturday in the middle of summer...on a hot goodness!!! <---------yep i sure was restless alright!!!

anyway really enjoyed the photo outing tonight, not only was it nice to get out with tim and steph in tow, but getting out in the fresh air in the cool of the evening is just what the doctor ordered and as if by magic my restlessness was cured. so here i am sitting at my pc, blogging and editing some pics while listening to and watching ww2 lost stories on the tv with the boys. yes i'm multi tasking it the fact that maybe...just maybe that cure for my restlessness was short lived and i simply can't focus on one thing and finish it...oh well seeing as it's been one of those days, i've managed to get quite a bit done.

oh and before i forget here's some photo's from tonight's little outing i took of the bendigo cathedral...enjoy!

ok i'm outta here for the all take care out there, hugs xoxo

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