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Saturday, 8 January 2011

weekend post...

finally saturday has arrived although it's hot and i'm feeling a tad exhausted. i use to hate the weekends...why? simply because they were just as busy, in a different kinda way, then the week and there was no time for much needed emotional and mental relaxing and recharging which for our family we really need. things are different now and for tim and i, we get that option a little every now and then and today will be one of those times. mainly because it's simply to hot to do anything else other then sit and read or watch tv, do a little online surfing and updating, scrapping or pretty much very little or not much at kinda day!

i'm hooked...yep apart from all the other wee little obsessions i have i'm hooked on pinterest and boy do i heart this site. not only do you have the chance to create your very own boards of all things you love (photos, scrapping layouts, own art work etc) but wow what an incredible site for all things inspirational. you get to search through and fall in love with other pinner's goodies and pin those to your board as well. oh and you can check out my boards here and hope you enjoy them. what's not too love about this site?!!!!

another little bit of news is that i'm closing the group i started on facebook called i ♥ someone on the autism spectrum, however to navigate and make things easier i've started a 'fan' page i love someone on the autism spectrum. i'm bummed that with the fan page rules that i can't use the heart symbol or all lower case letters but nevertheless we are the same. so for all those incredible people out there affected by an autism spectrum disorder in some way, whether you have an asd, care for a loved one with an asd or are generally interested,  please pop on over and like the page. you can view the page here...i love someone on the autism spectrum. 

my plans for the page are simple...share our story, experiences and knowledge with others walking the same journey, try to have up to date information on asd's, advertise BAAG events etc and of course to be an online support group to all of those that need a little place on the net to chat, vent, ask and be there for others. so please pop on over and join.

ok then i think that'll do for today so please remember to head over to the new fan page on facebook and click like and i wish each and everyone of you the most wonderful of weekends. i'll leave you with the last of the heritage icon/landmark boxing day photo shoot pics i took.

 take care, hugs chris, xoxo

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