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Thursday, 27 January 2011

not always doom and gloom...

although there are many days that you wonder how on earth you survive, there are the days, although rare that just go so well that you really have to pinch yourself and hard to make sure it's not a dream. today has been one such day. i got out on my own this morning to run some errands, grab a few things from the shops, purchase a v rocker gaming chair for isaac and take some much needed time out from 'home' life. i absolutely loved it and managed to get everything done that had to be done for a thursday.

after getting home i mentioned to hubby i wanted to pop out to bunnings to grab some ceiling paint, look at white paint for trims (amazing how many different shades there are but i've had my eye on vivid white for awhile) for window sills, door frames, skirting boards etc right through the house, grab some mdf and black chalkboard paint. we managed everything but the trim....that comes next pay day and also gives us time to start cleaning down walls, ceilings, the trimmy bits that need to be painted and perhaps even get rid of some more carpet and toss it out. 

today we also changed isaac's room around. we had talked about it over the past few days with him so he knew what we wanted to do and he gave us permission although somewhat hesitant when it came to the real deal. the only thing left to do there is paint his room (colours chosen), rip up the carpet, purchase new curtains and paint the floor boards with either oil or paint (haven't decided fully yet)...yep all the hard work is left to however by changing his room around today the way we want it before we do the redecorating, hopefully he will manage the change really well. last time tim changed his room around isaac freaked out but we're managing that so much better now and planning it to so it's all quite a successful transition from one colour to another.

we purchased him a v rocker gamers chair from target this morning as seen below. something i had been wanting to by him since last year and something i finally managed today as target had them on sale and i simply couldn't resist or wait any longer. it is the reason and mojo behind isaac's room needing to be rearranged today and it's all been quite successful. i am so happy with the outcome so far!!!!!

isaac loves it...yep he has already made good use of the v rocker gamers chair and must say...for an old gal i'm pretty darn ok three pics below...latest random photos i've had fun being a little creative with...enjoy!!!

short and sweet tonight, boys are watching ufc, girls are watching movies in their rooms, i'm here blogging and over on pinterest...oh how i love this site ♥♥♥ and if you pop on over there don't blame me for getting hooked :) hugs chris xoxo

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