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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

can you feel it...

no i'm not singing a mj song but i am sitting here at my pc blogging away after what has been quite a busy and productive hot summers day, feeling the evenings beautiful cool breeze coming through the open windows and doors listening to the rain and taking in the silence.....bliss!!!

today i feel blessed and although there have been so many difficult times, challenging moments and huge hurdles in recent months...i truly feel blessed!!! i have some pretty awesome online friends i network with, i have the most wonderful committee i work with (in real life), i have the most incredible husband that supports me and is by my side through all the good and bad times but mostly i feel blessed because i am able to help support others in need and that's pretty incredible.

i would like to mention that there is a very dear family i have come to admire and love over the past couple of years who are going through an incredibly difficult situation right now. my heart, my thoughts and mostly my prayers are with them as they deal with the situation they are in presently and although i know their faith and knowledge that God is in control, it is still a time of uncertainty for them. i know God is gracious and his mercy is everlasting. i know our prayers are being heard and i know that sometimes when our journey in life has obstacles that we feel may be almost impossible to overcome that our faith and his peace is what keeps us going.

just to finish up for the night i'm posting  some random pics i took about 3 years ago.

ok so there you go...i'm outta here...hugs chris xoxo

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