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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

it begins...

yes the holidays for me have finished and i'm back to the daily busyness of appointments, meetings, catching up with emails, web updates, newsletters (all on an official status) and so on and so forth. kids are still on holidays which is nice but now i'll need to juggle and balance my time on my pc with my youngest because he is right into runescape and is using my pc for his gaming at the moment. so i'm updating my blog early this morning (tuesday 4th jan) before the kid wakes up and grabs my pc for the day. once he's on, it takes a little bit of persuasion to get him off.

i am hoping you all enjoyed your christmas and new year and guess's all over for another how fast did the time go? anyhoo my wish to all is that 2011 is a good year. i know that 2010 was a pretty tough year for many of us and that includes our family. not only is it important to have a positive attitude to help things along but i believe it's important to keep harmony and balance in your life so we can manage the day to day difficulties we face.

so from me to all of you...i wish 2011 a prosperous, happy, rewarding, balanced and wonderful year full of inner peace and calm and that every day you find the good and positive in all that comes your way.

just a few pics i took of our christmas table decs. enjoy!! wishing you health and happiness, hugs chris xoxo

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