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Thursday, 20 January 2011

another day ends...

yes it's late, in fact it's already tomorrow here and it's been a busy day. paperwork done, updates, emails, phone calls, agenda, printing and pretty much most of it in regards to bendigo autism asperger group. so i'm pleased with what i've been able to catch up on, list what still needs to be done over the next couple of weeks and organise everything else necessary for the next committee meeting which will actually be the first for the new year.

life is we know it is back to 'normal' although kids are still on holiday and not scheduled to go back to school till the 4th of feb. so for those of us still on are you managing? for us it's been a relief, less busy in the way of no school runs or lunches to pack or the need to worry about homework but it's still been busy, it's just been busy in different ways.

good news...lance had his first professional driving lesson today with a driving instructor. he told her he had autism and she needed to be clear with her instructions. she replied that she understood as she has a couple of kids she teaches that have aspergers syndrome...oh a lucky break to have the right instructor. i feel quite confident that lance will manage. more good news is that she also mentioned to lance that he was an excellent driver and if it wasn't for the fact that he didn't have his 'official' driving hours yet that he would have no worries in getting his licence. so i also feel pleased about this. that's a good report for the first 'professional' lesson and allows tim and i to relax a little more on the 'driving' side of things for when lance does get his licence and is his own...not being supervised...clear terrible thoughts out of my positive!!!

just a short and sweet post tonight...or tomorrow whichever way one wishes to think about it. tomorrow is a busy day as i am meeting a carer in the morning as her partner was recently diagnosed with aspergers syndrome and she is going through a rough patch. then steph has another doctors appointment to see how her plantar wart on her foot is going since it was frozen and tomorrow night i'm meeting with the treasurer to catch up on some paperwork before our next committee meeting. i'll be ready to pop my feet up with a cup of tea and biscuit when the day is done.

you know how i ♥ b&w photography...well if you don't you should because i ♥ it heaps...the textures, tones, shades and details is enough to send me into a frenzy. i see so much more in a b&w photos then i do in coloured, there is just seems to be so much more to look at. anyway i will leave you with the latest batch...enjoy!!!

as it's way past my bedtime and i have a busy day later's time for me to head to bed so goodnight, sleep well and sweet dreams, hugs chris xoxo

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ksharonk said...

I hear you, girl!

Our boy has well over 100 hours of driving under his belt, but isn't ready to take his P's test. He says he isn't confident, and is worried by the whole driving experience.

We've put it in the 'too hard' basket for now! As I can't imagine him driving on his own, I'm happy for things to be this way ... :)