Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

my heart breaks...

for all our fellow aussies who have been devastated by the floods ripping through queensland...making their way into brisbane and causing total devastation to everything in the path they have created. tears have filled my eyes countless times as i've watched the news, youtube videos, listened to and heard stories of how destructive these floods are.

thankfully our family members living in brisbane are safe and that gives me piece of mind as well, sadly many other families have not been so lucky with the death toll rising, people unaccounted for and the number of loved ones missing is rising and yet the worst is meant to come.

mother nature has truly dished out more then our continent, country and nation can deal with in the past 10 years. drought, bushfires and now the worst flooding ever in the history of our nation. the impact of the flooding is horrendous...1000's of people have lost their homes, belongings and personal possessions, 1000's more have had to evacuate and leave everything behind. countless rescues and tragic stories but one thing that i am proud to say...when australia and her fellow country people are in need, we know only all too well how to come to the aid, support and help of them all.

this largest natural disaster in our history is incredible, no words in our language can really describe the impact not only now or next week, or in a month, or when the clean up really starts, the recovery operation will be enormous, will take billions of $$$ and years of rebuilding not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. i'll leave you with a couple of photo's that have been taken by those near to the floods to show you just how destructive this flooding is. these images are not mine and credits are given on site which have been taken from some images may be distressing to viewers!


to all my fellow prayers and thoughts are with you. stay safe xoxo


Pam Yanson said...

Chris, my tears fell as I was reading your ramblings and as I was looking at those pics you posted, they bring back memories of Ondoy the other year. My sincere sympathies to your fellow countrymen. Tragedy has indeed gone around from one country to the next..who really knows what will happen next. I can't offer any help for my means are so limited and few but my prayers are all with you. Stay safe!

dluvscoke said...

Very, very sad!

My daughter was a United States Student Ambassador to Australia. She went there 4 years ago during the bad drought.

There are sooo many sad things happening in the world today. We will be praying for your country.