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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

post christmas joy...

as quick as it arrived, christmas has just as quickly gone for another year. how was your christmas? ours was quiet...we have been desperate to do that for the past few years and this year we finally achieved it. however it wasn't without some angst as this year's festivities were different this time to any other year and no matter how well we prepared the kids, it doesn't always work out as well as one hopes. however we survived and we're all still intact...complete with our sanity.

2 days before christmas was grace's 18th birthday and although it was celebrated at home very quietly and went as well as it could be it was sad to know that we couldn't do more. we don't or can't do things that many other families can or do...grace misses out on so much because of the needs of our other 3 kids and as a mum it can really get me down to know the truth and realise our reality.

as a mother to 4 teens and full time carer to 3 of them with autism i find tim and i sacrifice so much and miss out on so much more just to be able to manage on a daily basis. anyone who thinks it's an easy call being a parent of 3 kids with special needs obviously couldn't be further from the truth. it's actual fact it's sometimes beyond comprehension and it's increasingly overwhelming. for those that think as they get older and become adults that a) autism and certain other disorders simply stop and they don't have it anymore or b) they get better....really have no idea. i have been told by people who don't know any better both of the above and sadly they are both misconceptions and couldn't be further from the truth.

anyhoo it's obvious i needed to vent a little as the ramblings on in today's post have gone that way. the beauty of being able to 'journal' is the beauty to be able to do so straight from the heart.

so with new years just around the corner how will you be celebrating? for our family once again quietly and ferrying a couple of kids to and fro with their plans but it will be quiet here for the most part. do you make new years resolutions? for me no....certainly not like most people anyway. i'm not one to mention i'd like to lose weight or spend more time following my passions, earn more money, give up bad habit's etc etc because for me it's very different and it's all about achieving those things that many families and individuals take for granted.

in the new year i'd like to think that my youngest son isaac who is 15 may finally be able to have help with his anxieties so we can manage to take him down to a shoe store and purchase a much needed new pair of shoes. with careful planning and serious help and support i am hoping this can be achieved. i'm also hoping that the next 'phase' with a new service provider for our family (st lukes) will help our family achieve the small requests made to them and that they can help the kids with their needs. disability client services - department of human services have seriously let our family down and we have asked them to now leave us be and close our files.

so as to setting, making or wishing for new years resolutions i hope for those of you that set them, make them and or wish for them that the new year is a fresh start, a new beginning and at least some of those resolutions come to pass. my wish for all of you is with a fresh start and a new beginning to a new year comes peace, joy and hope.

i thought i'd leave you with a few photo's of the gorgeous grace on her 18th. there's a couple more pics to come but i need to get them off her flash drive and edit them so this lot will have to suffice.

of course grace is totally gorgeous and that smile of hers is beautiful. those braces are doing their job and well. ok hugs and ciao xoxo

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