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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

happy 18th birthday grace...

although this post is one day early i realise tomorrow (grace's 18th) i simply won't have time to blog so it's happening now. yep the girl grace turns 18 tomorrow...can you believe that? 18 i mean where have all those years gone? and the fact is she has really grown up as well and perhaps that's because it's the normal neurotypical way.

so i just wanna say one thing...happy 18th birthday grace, wishing you a fabulous day, knowing that from here on it can only be forward and so very proud of what you've achieved under the incredibly difficult circumstances our family has endured and still does. we're proud of you, we love you and we are so incredibly thankful for you being in our lives. enjoy your birthday girl! xoxoxo

so the 'silly season' is with us again and i'm all done...yep the gift shopping and the food shopping is all done. as for thinking i would not be organised this year i am and the gifts were wrapped tonight and are already under the tree waiting for xmas day to adorn us in all it's brilliance. i've even organised the menu and will start the cooking and baking friday and then once xmas day is here it will just be a matter of sitting down and celebrating with family.

anyhoo i won't keep you long tonight, i'm a bit pooped myself as it's been quite a busy week but i will leave you with some photo's for you to enjoy.

oki doki all updated for the night, till next post, take care...hugs chris xoxo

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