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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

another update...

wow i'm bloggin' so soon after the last one...that's almost a record for me at the moment and although i know it hasn't ended the bloggin' drought, it must be pretty darn close.

the build up to christmas is pretty crazy and i must say that even though i had no plans to allow this christmas to be like last year (which sucked and was an all time low as we had no $$$ for gifts and i was sick for days in bed), sadly things are just as tough.

i know there are a few families struggling to make ends meet at this time of included and this morning as i allowed my thoughts to catch up with me (or get away) i realised that even though christmas is a time for sharing, a time for giving, a time for family and a time for doesn't help how terribly guilty and bad parents feel for not being able to manage much of anything at all simply because the $$$ that come in don't stretch far enough at the moment and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

normally i don't blog about financial matters because usually i don't wish the entire world to know just how tough it can be bringing up a family which i know i'm not alone there...but let's not forget that 3 of our kids have special needs and hubby's sight is pretty limited so that's even tougher.

so, my thoughts on christmas as of today is that i wish it was just a little further away, not 10 days away and with grace's 18th birthday just 2 days before...if christmas was at least another 6 weeks away our family would be able to manage just that little bit better.

the government may say that the GFC is over, however the reality of that is really very different. the GFC is far from over within the family homes trying to make ends meet when every utility has increased its prices, the banks although making billions in profit every year, still feel the need to raise mortgage rates constantly because they believe it's better for the economy, the supermarkets have increased their prices and at the end of the day what families bring in or receive as a wage goes out on trying to survive in the human race which in this day and age is getting harder and harder to keep our heads above water.

this blog update is dedicated to all you families out there doing it tough this christmas (including us here), hiding it from family and friends because of the dignity we have, hoping that a miracle may happen and wishing upon every wish out there that it could be so very different. we're not asking for a hand out, just a hand up but to even venture down that path means telling the truth and that's more then is pretty impossible.

my wish for all of you is that despite the hard times fallen upon so many of us, this christmas is truly special even without the 'christmas hype' and all that goes with it. remember what's most important and that is family. it does not have to be a large gathering and it may very well be just you, your partner and your children but however you choose to spend this day i hope it is truly wonderful.

before i finish for the evening i thought i would leave you with a couple of photo's that i took recently. enjoy!

remember it's all in the finer details, nothing fancy or expensive and sometimes those finer details can mean so much more if only given the opportunity.

take care...hugs chris xoxo

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