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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

summer has finally hit...

and i don't like it!!! i don't like it!!! i don't like it!!! i mean seriously i never have as i'm more the cooler weather kinda gal. i love the longer hours in summer and i love the warm weather but not the hot, dry, humid, muggy days where all you do is sweat, can't sleep at night and just feel blergh!!!!

i keep telling myself to stay busy, don't focus on the heat, just go about the everyday stuff and i'll be's still hot!!! tim really doesn't cope in the heat and it's like he hits being the old man every summer with grumblings and grandpa naps often which only adds to my frustrations because i feel like we miss too much by not doing awhole lot of anything...that makes sense doesn't it?!

feeling for all our fellow aussies in north queensland with cyclone yasi making its way too shore. it's the worst cyclone ever in our history. last time they had a category 5 was in 1918...almost 100 years ago and it's going to hit hard. i'm praying for safety, i'm praying that all our fellow aussies although in their time of need will get through this even though many of them are scared. i'm praying that no lives are lost...buildings can be replaced but human lives cannot be. i'm praying that god protects them all. ♥♥♥

we met lance's driving instructor today...she says he's ready to actually go for his p's...the only problem is he doesn't have his full 120 hours of driving experience but tomorrow she is looking into how he and grace could be made exempt. problem then is if lance is able to be exempt from the full 120 hours, he has no car to drive and tim and i won't let him drive the new holden, it's our only car. so i'm concerned as it'll cause more difficulties...a licence but no car, i don't like the thought of that at all.

anyhoo i'm just making it a short post tonight...can't seem to focus...kinda been one of those days today but i'll leave you with a pic or 2...3 or 4...enjoy!!!

these were taken back a few weeks ago when spring was in the air. ciao for now, chris xoxo

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