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Monday, 28 February 2011


wow sometimes even i'm amazed at how one person can cram so much into one day. that person would be me and i've been on the go in some sort of fashion all day. 1st up was popping one prescription into one pharmacy here in bendigo, this is the only pharmacist that makes this particular drug. with that out of the way next on the list was taking grace to brit so she could enrol in a short course we tried to do last friday but all their systems were down. then it was off down town to grab a few items and grab a quick soy hot chockie, back to the pharmacist to pick up medication, pop to coles to pick up a few groceries and finally head home before the next stage.

stage 2...grab grace and head to 2nd pharmacist to pop other prescription in, head out to kangaroo flat to  purchase a gift for steph...we purchased some helium filled balloons with hearts and polka dots which look awesome. then pop into kmart to look at all their goodies on sale...where apparently grace promptly told me i needed new knickers and bras (i hate shopping for underwear) and of course as only a dutiful mother can be...did what i was, then saw a really nice flower cushion that just screamed at me saying it would be good for the bed ;0) and then with the new undies and bras purchased i needed a new pair grace puts it...granny slippers, so we both picked up a pair!!! headed home.

once home i realised i'd forgotten to pick up medication from the pharmacist so raced back out for that, finally headed home for the evening just in time to start looking at my to do list and make a start on that with emails, agendas, replies and overloading this poor old head of mine. looked at the time which mentioned in no uncertain terms it was 5.45pm and i realise i haven't even started on tea yet. thank goodness it was just going to be simple...yep beef stroganoff with rice and finally after all that i'm here finding time to blog. what a day!!!

the rest of the week doesn't get much better really, so what are you doing this week?!!!

it's the last day of summer here in australia...autumn has already shown itself and i'm happy with that. as much as i love summer for the longer daylight hours and the warm weather, i don't like the hot weather that comes with hideous humidity and you sit drenched day and night in your own sweat....yuk!

anyway yesterday i did a little photo shoot...yes just a wee one out in the garden which was nice...although i don't always have the opportunity to get out and about to take photos, our garden always manages to help out anyway it can.

 random pics

that'll do for now as my peace and quiet has just become lost in the noise and demands of a teenager. until next bloggin' pop a smile on ya dial and pay it forward. hugs chris xoxo


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