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Sunday, 6 March 2011

glorious sunday...

the weekend may be over but today was the most glorious autumn sunny sunday. i've managed to do a little painting today in grace's room and managed most of the trim work. it's really starting to look fabulous and although i wish i could click my fingers and have it done just like that, sadly that isn't going to happen and i've actually given myself until the end of the year to have all the interior of the house done. reason's only me doing it and i as much as i wish i had the time and the $$$ all in one hit....nope not going to happen so it'll be slow going but fabulous all the same.

this week has been quite eventful, however then when isn't it?! life is never dull or boring here in our home and most times extreme...yep extreme at both ends of the scale. there are some days you don't see any positive happy moments and other days you do, just wish some times life's road was a little easier traveled then it appears at times.

this week i'm hoping things will be ok and by ok i mean manageable rather then survivable. not too much to ask really...not too much at all!

anyhoo here's a few happy snaps of my girl steph...enjoy!!!

until next bloggin' take care, hugs chris xoxo

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