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Monday, 21 March 2011

so it's monday...

the start of another new week and we're almost done with march...where has the year gone already? to think it's almost easter and here in australia the 1st school holidays for the 2011 school year are almost upon!!!

it's been a rather industrious weekend, 1st on saturday we had ten pin bowling with families from bendigo autism asperger group joining in and having a much needed and wonderful family fun filled afternoon bowling. it was really nice to catch up with those i already know, meet with new families i had not met before and lots of kids...yep kids on the autism spectrum, their siblings and their families. a truly wonderful time.

you all know i'm slowly painting the interior of our home don't you? of course you do well grace's room is just about one more coat to do on her skirting boards and then (apart from her floor) we're done...finally. i've also pretty much done the loo...yep all white except the dunny seat which now looking at the colour....i think it's time for a new one and of course and i must mention we've finally taken off the wallpaper in steph's room...filling the little nail holes everywhere, turfing out her furniture (into the shed) and starting on that this week too. phew!!! i'm worn out just thinking about it.

tim has done an amazing job removing the driveway gates further up the driveway and fiddling about the backyard doing what men do best...whatever that may, now after 13 years i think the gas man will be pretty happy he can actually come onto the property and take a reading of both gas meters properly without dogs growling and wanting to rip him to shreds and of course having to take his little monocular out to view the meters over the fence.

the vegetable garden has also been fenced off and there are more ideas for the backyard but slowly and surely we're getting there. so it's been quite busy as you can see and quite productive. now all we need is a huge skip to get rid of all our junk and it would be nice to have the $$$ for a much needed carport for the car as well. perhaps one day the magic miracle fairy will grant that wish for us too. that would be awesome.

ok so while i'm blogging i'm updating you all with a few more pics from the other days shoot with steph. although she wasn't smiling in every pic...her expressions are priceless and i love the fact that not only is she a gorgeous girl but a very photogenic one no matter the mood. enjoy...

so a quick update wishing everyone who passes this way, a great week ahead and may peace, calm and happiness be upon you all. hugs chris xoxo

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