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Thursday, 17 March 2011

and so...

i should be apologising to all my followers for not updating life gets a wee bit busy from time to time...just not enough hours in those days we have! anyhoo i'm here finally spending my sunny thursday afternoon blogging and tweaking my website - chris turnbull photography instead of painting some much needed trims in the home vivid white.

i'm hoping to eventually start working with families and friends to help capture those precious lifetime memories that we all create. natural light photography and portrait photography with a hint of creativity and loads of inspiration. i've already been asked by a couple of people if i would take photos of their children etc which has been quite overwhelming as in no way did i expect my passion to go down that path. although not at all a professional photographer and i continue to maintain aspiring and budding photography creativeness has been noticed and i appreciate you couldn't imagine appreciate!

so while i'm here rambling on about photos, creativeness and all things precious...take a look at some of the pics from our latest photo shoot i had with my totally gorgeous girl steph. some of you know she's going through a pretty tough time at the moment and you may see that in her expressions but what an incredible opportunity. even in our darkest moments, sometimes we need to do something different, put the world on hold and take a breath. we all deserve to feel a sense of worth and want, to feel we're important and worthwhile, to be understood and to capture the raw and harsh 'reality' within these moments.  these moments  may not be our best however they are too be treasured because every person has the right to feel  loved, to be loved, to feel wanted, to be wanted and to be special...magical!!!

i might just come back and blog in a day or two and add a few more....gorgeous isn't she and mum's not too bad with the old

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