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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

it's official...

what's official you may ask? this ......> it's been 2 full weeks since i stopped biting my finger nails and i know you may think wow who cares (and i won't be at all offended if you don't), however i am a serious compulsive nail biter and picker (onychophagia ) have been for the past few years. i hate the very thought that my nails are in such a hideous state and i try not to show them, i hide them all the time because i'm embarrassed and ashamed of this repulsive condition. i work pretty hard at hiding this disorder when out in public and i also try to hide my fingers and nails altogether...if i could physically hide my hands permanently then that would be fabulous.

however this is a serious disorder i have and this simply won't suit anymore. i can't let it rule or ruin my life any longer and so i am working really hard at trying to deal with this and without any medical intervention. you see i'm simply to embarrassed to see someone about this condition i have and so i haven't for years, but i know it's serious and very painful. although they will never be glamorous and remain very brittle...i am very proud of the fact that they are slowly growing and 'healing'...for now anyway.

so i bet you didn't think that the title of this blog post would reveal something you didn't know about me and probably don't want to. however to help me on my own journey...i need to get this off my chest and out there...yes my own warped sense of therapy in itself.

anyhoo that'll do about me as scary as that's time to move's midweek here, yup finally wednesday has arrived, complete with the rain and winter weather we are having here right at the start of autumn...odd!!! seems the seasons right across this beautiful planet of ours are weird and changing. in all my years i have never had such a cold summer and although it suited me just fine...there was no odd!!! and now autumn has just started as much as i was expecting milder days and gorgeous autumn weather for a little while we're really seeing winter weather start. like i said most odd and very very weird.

so here's the low down on the interior painting...grace's room is finally finished (with the exception of her floor of course) but everything else in the painting dept is done. the dunny...yep the good old family loo is now painted and all we need to do is replace the tiled flooring. so i'm onto steph's room now and alot of work went into preparing the room for painting. carpet is out, walls are clean and nail holes filled, window sill is sanded and 2 coats of paint went onto the ceiling today. tomorrow we start on the walls and then the trims. so hopefully by the start of next week...steph's room will be done and just in time for her 17th birthday on the 31st of this month.

slowly but surely...the interior will be done...we have so much to do and on a very very very limited and tight budget but we're getting there.

last but not least a few photos for you all to enjoy. nothing fancy just a little of the 'simpler' things in life...

ciao...hugs chris xoxo


Sharon said...

Good on you Chris! I guess it would be just as hard to over come as any other addiction, which many people can't over come without medical intervention. Can't wait to see some pics of some nice manicured nails in the near future :)

Philip Burns said...

Congrat's Chris - I'm going to do an inspection (of the nails - not the mini-makeovers) next time I see you!

Great effort :)