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Friday, 1 April 2011

happy 17th birthday steph...

i'm a day late to wish my daughter steph a happy 17th birthday in the blogging type of way. usually it's something i do on the day but the past week and a half i have spent most of it in bed flat on my back with a serious disc bulge barely functional and barely able to move.

wednesday i was pain free and was able to sit up and take things slow but yesterday i pinched the nerve again all just because i popped my shoes on and that pretty much landed me back in bed again for the most part of the day. i'm still tender but not as bad so the next few days will be slow going...very slow going indeed.

so where was i?....oh yes that's right so yesterday being thursday the 31st of march was steph's 17th birthday. we did manage the presents, we did manage the take away of choice (pizza), we did manage the b'day cake - marble mud cake and all thanks to grace doing the ordering and hubby picking all the food up. i did not manage photos...i was in bed but apparently grace did so i'll be looking through them to see what's been taken cause i heard that camera go off a thousand times and i tell ya i swear that's the truth and all through the clicking and i heard grace keep saying but if i don't take lots and get the right one mum won't be happy...i'm pretty sure she was messing about because she made sure she was loud and constant...gotta love her. 

ok so while i've been blogging i decided to hunt through the photos that grace took and i've found a couple to pop on the blog. although i always pop my copyright siggy just to protect the pics a little more when popping them on to the web these pics are grace's work...not a bad job hey!!!!

soooooo happy birthday stephanie...although it didn't quite turn out the way i would have preferred i know you still had a wonderful day and got extremely year i'm not putting my back out seeing as you're gonna be 18 and all. may your dreams and aspirations, may your wishes and hopes all come true. it's been a rough year for you but i know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and we're making our way towards it. love ya heaps girl ♥♥♥♥♥

ciao for now, hugs chris xoxo

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