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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

the end...

of what has been the most glorious autumn easter break. i have enjoyed every minute of the school holidays although they have been quite busy. the past 5 days however i decided it was time to catch up on things here at home and simply put everything else on hold. wow amazing what once can achieve when one doesn't have to worry (too much) about anything else...well at least put 'anything else' on hold until after the easter break.

wouldn't i be wonderful to have long weekends like this every not much else would get done but seriously i think everyone would be so much happier...don't you? anyhoo i've managed to get steph's room done, do a little pottering about the home, rearrange the lounge with the help of hubby...oh and rearrange the laundry as well of course with hubbies help. tidy and clean the bathroom with the help of grace, ponder the next big painting project which i'm torn between isaac's room and our lounge, but only as a good mum will do...she'll put her child 1st and pretty much do isaac's room first. pick my hand grown pumpkins, water the garden, shop, take photos and enjoy some time with hubby today thanks to grace who was our 'carer' for a couple of hours while tim and i popped out and enjoyed this most glorious perfect autumn weather.

tomorrow it all goes back to some sort of 'normal' and our busy schedules and routines start all over again. not that it really just becomes different. so for the most past school also starts back tomorrow...yes even here, however steph doesn't actually start till thursday. but our holidays are over and this week is flat out with appointments everyday, mountains of paperwork and mountains of paperwork to file seeing as we've just had a rearranged the lounge and i need to find a home for all those papers you can't throw out. thank goodness i have a huge filing system....just been somewhat slack on actually filing everything that needs to be filed.

isn't it just as well i like to keep busy both with my hands and brain!!!

i often get asked how do i manage everything and to be honest i'm not always sure how to answer. life is what it is...even for us. raising 4 teens...3 with autism and other disorders certainly has it's challenges don't get me wrong, it's just that i'm not one to sit on my butt and do nothing. i hate daytime fact for the most part i really hate i don't watch a whole lot of it anytime. my fave shows i insist on watching every week however are escape to the country and 60 mm, i love these 2 shows and enjoy them alot. i have an incredibly supportive husband and i will say this one thing...without tim being the housekeeper i wouldn't manage. he is wonderful when it comes to the chores and for the most part he manages most of them...dishes, laundry, most of the other housework and dealing with the pets.  

i still cook, do the dishes occasionally, do the shopping, answer the phone calls, deal with all the emails - for home and BAAG, pay the bills, take the kids to their appointments etc, do all the overseeing of the kids situations with departments, specialists etc, what's necessary in relation to BAAG daily and somewhere try to fit in more and more photography because i seriously want to go somewhere with this. i've got a queue of parents wanting me to take photos of their children...many of them are children with asd/special needs and families simply struggle to have more 'professional studio' photo's taken simply because their gorgeous cherubs aren't able to sit still long enough for those 'happy snaps'. i would like to offer an opportunity to families/carers/parents to have moments and memories in their life that can be captured and can be treasured for life. i would also like to offer this at a cost that won't be a huge financial burden to parents either. so i'm trying to work through plans and options suitable and of course balance it all well so i can offer my services both as a photographer and as a parent who understands.

local 'natural light' photographer able to offer services in a (local) location of your choice...hummmm not bad!

bendigo has the most amazing outdoor locations and so many of them as well. i actually sat here the other night and started writing them all down - unbelievable and just within bendigo and it's suburbs itself, there is so much choice. being outside allows the kids to be natural, parents to relax and less photography equipment needed to be carried. it's all about nature and allowing children and their families to be happy, without restraint, without pressure and let the kids be as they will...and i'll be there right in the midst by their sides taking photos. :)

ok so while we're on the subject of photos here are a few from today's beautiful autumn weather + hubby + grace staying home being 'carer' for a couple of hours + a chance to spend quality time with tim and create the opportunity to take some photos. of course all that = the below photos...enjoy ♥♥♥

until next time enjoy the above photos and take care. hugs chris xoxo

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