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Thursday, 14 April 2011


i believe most people have a passion or 2 or 3 and some even a little more. over the years mine have changed, some of them i no longer involve myself in, others i didn't have the opportunity to involve myself in for reasons at the time although the passions didn't die, they just went on temporary vacation. scrapbooking has long been a passion of mine both in the paper format and of course digital. i've worked out that i've been paper scrapbooking for around 12 years and digital for something like 7 or 8.

the other passion of mine has been photography and of course to me scrapping and photography go hand in hand. for many years i didn't even own a camera and then when i did it was just what i classify as a cheap and nasty simply because the finances were not there for a more affordable one. i look back at when my kids were little and think of all the opportunities lost and although there is nothing i can do about that simply because i can't bring back the past and reinvent it...i can do something about it now. 

i own a decent camera now and i am endeavouring to make the most of it. i've owned my canon EOS 1000D DSLR for about 2 years now and i love it and slowly over time i've been adding to my camera bag of goodies. if only lenses were not so $$$$$ i would have a few more. currently i have a EF-S 18 - 55 mm EF 75 - 300 mm and EF 50 mm F1.8II. i'm now looking into a decent tripod and seeing as the birthday is next month i'm hoping the kids will pool their resources and buy me one as a gift...a mum can hope so can't she. next on the list are some decent backdrops and a remote control. there's a few more things on the list but like all things one desires i need to be patient.

anyhoo recently and more and more i've had parents ask me if i would take photos of their kids. at first i said no simply because i certainly didn't think i had what it took nor enough 'skill' to go with it all. these parents have children with special needs...autism spectrum disorders and other challenges. on tuesday as a few of our BAAG members met for a photo shoot with one of the photographers from our local paper as we have placed an article for an autism awareness feature for tomorrow's paper, i decided it was time to take that bold step and take some random photos of the kids doing what they do best...having fun! although i'm still very much in the process of editing a few photo's from tuesday i've managed to get a couple of batches done and uploaded. they've turned out brilliantly and i know there are parents wanting my services. so i'm taking the plunge and i'm starting. i'm still working out the final bits and pieces however i'm not standing in the shadows anymore or saying no. i love what i do and although i am learning all the time this aspiring and budding photographer is overwhelmed by those that have commented, asked, wanted or simply told another about who i am and what i do. after all i wear a few hats, however none as important of that as a parent and a carer to 4 teens...3 of them who have autism and other special needs. i hope my passion for photography will give other parents and their precious cherubs an opportunity to have their special moments captured for all it was nature for who they are and all that comes with it.

totally gorgeous kids...yep see the one just above...that's my girl steph. love the way these have turned out and there's more but today sadly my time is limited so it won't be until late tonight that i can finish uploading the rest. i hope you enjoy these photos and one thing that i feel is really important to mention...all these children including my girl steph have an autism spectrum disorder. they are beautiful and unique in their own truly wonderful way. ♥♥♥ ciao chris xoxo

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Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids said...

GORGEOUS photos. I just love the muted colors! Thanks for sharing. Truly beautiful children.