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Friday, 22 April 2011

happy easter...

today is good friday here, in fact it's late afternoon and we've just finished up having a bbq. today is peaceful, everyone is happy and i ♥ that alot. it's not usually like this but i'm so glad that it is - today. we're not doing anything much this easter...for the past however many years we would normally go away...but going away under extreme pressure and for the most part not enjoying any of it as our kids did not cope, tim did not cope and therefore nor did i was horrible. we would go year after year after year, we went because it's what was expected of us and people simply had no idea or understanding of what our family would go through to please other's expectations. now that pressure from 'others' is no longer there, that immense stress we were under is gone and for the first time in a very long time...the kids, tim and i are at peace!

it's a 5 day long weekend here and i'm looking forward to spending some much needed time with hubby and the kids over this extended weekend. potter about home a little, finally finish steph's room which is almost done, maybe take some photos and basically that's about it. oh and i must just add that my back is pretty much ok. a little tender here and there but this morning i was able to fully dress myself (i have not been able to do that for a month without help) and i put on my socks and shoes this morning all by myself without any help. i still have to be cautious but i've learnt to live like that for years now and i really hope i never have a major disc bulge again.

anyhoo this post is meant to be short and sweet simply to wish everyone a very happy safe and blessed easter wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate. ♥♥♥

the latest little photo shoot (steph as model) from last saturday April 16th out the front of dudley house here in bendigo. steph had a piece of artwork on show at the raw art exhibition and so we went along to check it out.

ok well that's pretty much it from me for now, happy easter. hugs chris xoxo

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Kirsty said...

Happy Easter Chris! Hope you and the family had a nice and relaxing long weekend!
Love the photo shoot of Steph, she looks gorgeous in these photos!

Glad to hear your backs feeling better, I pray that is stays that way for you!