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Monday, 2 May 2011

back to the daily grind...

so our wonderful school holidays and easter break are over, the weather is slowly getting a little more chilly and the evenings are no longer nice and light till 9pm. yep shorter daylight hours and it's dark for a little longer here where i live. i don't mind that daylight savings is finished for another season and the evenings are somewhat cosier...i just wish for a few extra hours in my day or another day in my week to keep on top of everything. 

if only...

dreams came true and life wasn't so incredibly busy.

we had our family worker out last friday and because it's been awhile since his last visit due to him being sick, me putting my back out for what felt like forever, holidays and easter etc...he wanted to know how things had been since last time. tim and i mentioned pretty much the same thing - frustrated at the lack of services for our kids, frustrated that tim and i seem to do everything and do the chasing and do the prompting and live and breathe complete and utter frustrations at the moment and in a very exhausted manner. he then proceeded to ask what could be done to help change some of those things and once again tim and i mentioned the impossible. 
  1. an ever lasting money tree out the back so we could cater for our childrens needs privately.
  2. more hours in our day to manage everything
  3. the possibility of another day in the week
  4. needing another car would be useful and very helpful
  5. the possiblity of a clone
    of course in mentioning those serious recommendations i also mentioned that none of them were a possibility and therefore the help we need wasn't either as no department funds any of the above.
    we also expressed the frustrations that due to the lack of services and help we need that everything else is impacted by those limited and inadequate services which amongst other things, i mentioned that i was having difficulty with not being able to juggle everything the way it needs to be and balancing life in every direction. i also spoke about the opportunity i have to take photos of families and their children as a number of parents have come to me to ask. all in a natural environment because many simply can't manage the more 'professional studio shoots' due to their kids having special needs and not being able to sit still. parents approaching me after they've seen my own personal photos and asking if i would capture those precious moments for them which i feel most overwhelmed. once again he asked what could be done to help...once again i mentioned the above...except that the ever lasting money tree would be helpful for a little more photog equipment and again not a possibility.

    and for the most part...confidence. confidence to feel and know that although not a professional photographer there is talent even as an aspiring and budding photographer. some days i think yes and other days, more so when i'm struggling within myself, i think...nope not at all. the worst part is comparing myself to others...which although i know one shouldn' can one not at times.

    so this week is a busy week, i probably won't have a chance to take any new photos until after our big may 12 event as there is pretty much something in the way of a meeting or appointment or get together everyday until then. talk about busy as but having said that of course if i get a chance this weekend i might just do that.

    now before i go i've gotta share something pretty darn awesome with you all. our son lance who is 19.5 has autism, severe speech, language and communication delay, learning difficulties, long and short term difficulties, depression and a severe anxiety disorder has been on his learners licence for sometime now. last thursday after alot of work, plenty of professional driving lessons lance finally went for his p1 probationary licence assessment. he passed yes he passed and he passed with a 100% perfect score...we are so proud of him and with all we have gone through, this kid for the 1st passed a test fully....but wow what a test to pass. i hope all those parents/carers out there of children with any special needs that read my blog or may happen upon it, that this is the inspiration you may need right about now. it's not about the licence's about opportunity in a world that seems so negative and wrought with lifelong obstacles all along the way. it's about the ability to achieve what others may deem impossible, it's about life and love...its about hope! 

    hope and faith, hope and possibility, hope and potential and in those darkest moments when we may feel the complete opposite because i will be the first to admit i did not believe this was possible for our's about not ever giving up...not even when we feel we can't do's about finding the inner strength we thought impossible and reaching a little further...never losing sight of hope...never giving up!!!

    just a handful of photos taken on the easter weekend. these photos may just be pics to some but each and everyone of these photos tell a story...a story of courage, trust, of life and love...the architecture alone is based on faith, courage and trust. from a time now part of that the designers (architects) had the courage to not only bring together their ideas but build upon them and build them well so we could enjoy them today. the blood sweat and tears that went into each stone put in place, the history of an era that once was and is no more. the history of each of these buildings and what they were built for. take the last 2 photos, they're of our local war museum, those precious souls that lost their battle but fought for our freedom that we have today. it isn't just a building, it's what and who it's the story of hope!

    till next time, hugs chris xoxo

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