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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

where's there a clone when you need one...

yep i'm putting out an ad...i need a clone!!! i've decided that a) i need a magic wish fairy or b) i need a full time 'gopher' someone who can go for this and go for <..... is that allowed...using the term 'gopher' or is it politically incorrect these days...ho hum. or c) no need to sleep (ahh like a vampire) and get everything done that's needed....think of all those night time hours wasted sleeping when i could be quite happily using that time to do all the things i want and need or of course d) a clone...yep i could do with any one of the above...except hubby thinks there's already enough of me in the world and it doesn't need

so life is busy...but then i figured you guessed that with the title of this blog post. although hands up anyone who isn't...seriously life is so different these days and all the 'extras' that come with all those responsibilities we have is huge, well actually huger then huge!!!

anyhoo this is another one of those really quick blog posts so you all know i'm alive....yep still in the land of the living. but i'm coming back to blog again hopefully later today or tomorrow. i have some photo's i want to sort through and edit and then upload one or two to here and there...yep my website and...over there, yep my FB page as well. so i'm outta here and heading in the direction of lightroom and photoshop...right here in front of me.

ciao xoxo

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