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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

wee bit busy...

and that's the excuse i'm sticking to for not bloggin' sooner. sad i know but true and then every time i thought about it something else came along to either distract or prioritise so while i can tonight...i will!!!

life is busy there's actually nothing new with that, however sometimes i wish life would slow down a little and allow me the opportunity to take on more...sounds weird huh?!!! now don't get me wrong i love everything i do just that there isn't enough time to do everything or juggle it better then i would prefer...clear as mud?!!! thought so.

i guess what i'm trying to say is there simply isn't enough hours in a day or days in a week to comfortably allow everything necessary to sit balanced like a cute bug in a rug <..... did i just say that? yep i!

anyhoo you know how it is!!! at least i hope so ;)

ok now a little updating and gotta remember what i've already blogged about since mother's day.

  • you all know lance got his licence...yep he's on his p plates now. doesn't have a car, not sure what'll happen there as one needs finances for it
  • grace is still child minding which is fabulous
  • steph is managing all 3 art classes at school in a week now which is fantastic and we are still not sure about netschool although we've had a little meeting there
  • isaac is struggling because he is not in school and the fact he can't manage being there. did speak to those in charge of netschool and the assistant principal thought there was a possibility with home based - project based learning however when i asked the co-ordinator of netschool about it she flat out refused to take him onboard. so that was very frustrating indeed. just another organisation and another department that has allowed isaac to fall through the cracks yet again.
  • since i took up the challenge of not biting or picking my nails they have grown, i have not bitten them and for the most part the picking has stopped. yay i have nails and i'm slowly trying to come to terms that yes i have nails and they are looking really good.
  • no more painting rooms for now...too cold at the moment anyway but would you believe that after i put my back out a few weeks ago seriously...guess what? i did it again 2 fridays ago and pretty much canceled every appointment, meeting and anything else that wasn't needed so i could rest my back and manage the BAAG event we held last thursday 12 may. I did and right up until that morning it was very very uncertain due to not being able to stand straight or walk without serious pain.
while i mention BAAG...last thursday's autism awareness event with Prof Bruce Tonge and Dr Avril Brereton as guest speakers was a huge success. the night before we had 208 registrations and we received many more on the day, full house!!! the entire morning was fantastic...yes every part of it so very pleasing and very happy.

on another yes i'm still trying to sort through and fine tune a few things so i can offer families etc in my local area the opportunity of affordable photo packages and of course capturing those precious moments in time to treasure. there are a few families with children who have special needs and they are being very patient and this is where i plan to specialise a little as well but i have to admit that i'm still struggling with the 'confidence' factor...yes even little old me! 

something that has been a passionate hobby of mine is slowly turning into something more which is truly amazing and wonderful and as much as i love the thought and i'm working closer to everything in that way...i'm also concerned i'm not good enough. in this industry you need to be good enough to at least start on that journey...yes one grows and develops along the way, however one needs to be good enough in the first place to head down that path and from time to time i struggle.

and while we're on the's a few photos from a fun shoot with my girls from sunday...enjoy!

until next time enjoy these and if you're looking for more pics...don't forget to check out both my facebook page chris turnbull photography and my website chris turnbull photography. you can 'like' my facebook page and follow me that way and you can also click on the 'like' button over on my 'about me' page on my website too.

ok i'm outta here, enjoy the post and pics. hugs chris xoxo

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