Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

still here...

yep it's true...seriously, i'm still here and i'm still alive! amazing huh?! so i've popped on here to let you all know i haven't fallen off the edge of the world just yet. it's a busy time and quite frankly i'm missing those day light savings hours at the moment.

only a very quick post because i'm freezing my butt off here (hello winter my old friend) and really would prefer to sit up in bed and do a little reading where it's awhole lot warmer.

anyhoo that's it from me tonight...just letting ya all know i'm still alive and kicking!!!

oh and i've been tweaking my website which you can check out over here...well down on the next line really.

night all, sleep well, pleasant dreams, stay warm and ciao!!! hugs chris xoxo

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