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Sunday, 8 May 2011

mother's day...

i'm wishing all our wonderful mums out there a very special mother's day today. for me the day is almost over but as i sit here and blog away i'm reminded of what being a mum is all about. it's not about how rich you are, how eloquent one may be, about the class one may 'fall into', it's not about whether your a WAHM or a SAHM or work outside of home, it's not about the 'label' of clothing you wear or you dress your child in and it sure isn't about judging others. being a mum is all about love and selfless love at that, it's about caring and patience, nurturing and guidance, sacrifice and responsibility...responsibility and all that comes with raising a child that you have been blessed with.

it's not about the materialistic things in this world that makes us the best parent we can's about giving...about the love we have for the child we've brought into this world. mothering doesn't come with a handbook, there is no manual when we bring a baby into this world, there will be heartache and heartbreak, there will be experiences both good and bad, there will be happy days and bad days and even days that aren't quite both. sacrifices are made, eyebrows are raised and moments can take your breath away - both good and bad. the love we have for our children is without question, it is full of challenges...we all know that but it is all also full of rewards and blessings. love has no boundaries and it is pure. no one said raising a child would be easy but being a mum is amazing and sometimes in the midst of chaos we just need to step outside ourselves and see how precious mothering and all that comes with it, can be. life is not perfect and neither is parenting...doing the very best we can, no matter the circumstances, allows us all to grow and become better people. 

i love being a mum even though the challenges of raising kids with disabilities is wrought with obstacles all along the way, i wouldn't change being a mum for anything else in the whole wide world.

hugs chris xoxo

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