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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

back to school...

today was our first day back to school, officially and although steph is our only kid that's going it still seemed unusual to have had such a huge break and then's hit like a brick. although she was somewhat anxious about a new school, new year level, new environment, new classrooms, new teachers...well hell everything, it appears she managed quite well considering she was very nervous, but i guess the next few days will tell.

she has slept most of this evening and only just woke up to say goodnight and head back to bed. i'm hoping her 'school' routine will fall into place soon and fall into place well so her day and her night (sleep) is back to her kinda 'normal'.

today was busy with lots of BAAG business and i'm pleased with where everything is at and heading. i have some thankyou letters to be done and they will be drafted tomorrow and sent as soon as i'm happy with the content but by the end of the week for sure. we had our first coffee and chat morning last saturday and it was sooo exciting to see 5 new families turn up even considering the weather being absolutely dreadful, flash flooding everywhere and i was considering cancelling just because it wasn't safe to be on the roads. thankful i didn't and it was just so exciting to meet and chat with all our new families we welcomed in to our support group.

i'm in the middle of my first digital lo with what seems like forever...although i've recently got back into paper scrapping, i'd popped the digi away for probably the best part of the last 3 or 4 months...bad huh?! so i got to hog my own pc all day (yep hijacked it and stole it back from my 15 yr old son) and caught up with quite a few things necessary including a new digi lo. can't show ya though as i'm not quite done with it yet but when i am i'll pop it on here.

tomorrow i have a meeting at st lukes and will be meeting with our new family case worker. i'm hesitant at the moment as things seem to be plodding along fairly ok but at the same time if they can be of use throughout the year then i'm taking it. mind you i'm the one directing this whole thing so i can direct the focus and attention where it's best needed.
anyhoo gonna leave it there for tonight but before i go i'll leave you with a pic or 2.

till next time take care, hugs...chris xoxo

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