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Sunday, 27 February 2011


it's been a really lazy relaxing day today and i have enjoyed every minute of it. what a week and trying to keep up with everything has just physically, emotionally and mentally drained and exhausted me. however i've survived and now recharging as much as anyone can ready to head into yet another full week, next week.

today has been a really nice relaxing day and both tim and i needed it. started off with a sleep in thank goodness, then just slowly getting ready and sorted for the day. we headed off to bunnings about lunch time to look at odds and ends needed for the slow job of painting the interior of this home of ours. do we need a 60 minute makeover or what???!!!!!! 

from there we've managed to read the saturday papers (a real rarity here), potter about the place and generally do absolutely nothing else but chill out and relax awhile and guess what? it felt great!!! yup...i'm not normally one like that and in fact it's generally a real pet peeve of mine to sit about and not do too much at all. i find it a real waste of time and generally get quite restless, however pottering about helps fill that void...or perhaps my OCD tendencies and allows me to function fairly productively, guilt free.

steph is doing ok...not fantastic, just ok but like all things that create turmoil and mental anguish in our lives it takes time to get back to functioning and feeling somewhat able again. mind you getting to that point can take quite some time and usually with the help and support of others within the medical field to help us in whatever capacity they can for us to be able to heal, survive, manage and then move forward. she's not attending school all the time, only when she can manage and that's fine. her health and well being is far more important at the moment then cramming in and trying to manage changes and learning. then for the rest of the time mostly she sleeps and with that sleep i just hope and pray that her emotional and mental state is in part, healing!

blessings come in all disguises and this week has been no exception. tim and i are very grateful to the organisation that came to a need of ours this week. bendigo uniting church outreach were able to help us out in a way i would never have expected. we are truly thankful and grateful for the help given.

so tomorrow, which is actually now technically today, is another day and with it comes another opportunity to reflect and be thankful for who we are. there is beauty in everything god has created!!!

home grown bottle brush...i love it when our natives flower

till next time peeps, may you all be truly blessed. hugs chris xoxo

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