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Monday, 27 June 2011

monday in all it's glory...

or is it??? i have a love hate relationship with certain days of the week and then i have a love hate relationship with mondays...double whammy plus!!! this week i hate today which just so happens to coincide with the fact that it's monday and a very demanding one at that. demanding physically, both emotionally and mentally. why you ask?!!! challenges of a household full of teens, mood swings, hormone roller coaster and demands that under any 'normal' life as we know it is pretty full on...add kids that have disabilities and disorders on top of that and it just throws everything to a greater degree.

trying to juggle and balance life is tough enough...yep i hear ya all agreeing with me...trying to juggle and balance life with what we deal with as family is sometimes pretty darn overwhelming to say the least. but who am i kidding some days just plain and simply suck!!!

however in all the highs and lows of living life there is hope and inspiration and i dwell on those thoughts and ideas and it keeps me happy that no matter what we deserve more then the garbage thrown at us in life and taking back control is certainly something that is well worth every effort, every struggle and every obstacle that's waiting around the corner both good and not so.

a few years back i needed to see a psychiatrist for 12 months plus...he just happened to be one of the best all round and there were many things he taught me. one such thing stands out a matter how negative one is, no matter how negative all the information coming out verbally or documented is...end on a positive. i have held this close to my heart ever since.

some days particularly those days that are not as fabulous as we would like we need to find the positive within our circumstances no matter how tough one thinks they have it. my positives for today are this:

  • our daughter steph is doing really well at present and that was relayed back to her psychologist in this mornings appointment. steph has come along way this year and has just started back to full time school as of last week.
  • last night a neighbour of ours we've known for the past 9 years knocked on our door and after something like a 2 hour chat wanting to thank lance for who he is and how he has helped their 14 yr old daughter manage through some really tough times of recent was pretty remarkable. these guys see lance's difficulties but nevertheless he has been able to support another in need (and they say kids with autism don't have any yeh right!).
  • i feel that our family is finally moving forward little by little in some areas of our lives. other areas are going to take a little more work, BUT for the first time in a long while i feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that we are finally seeing it. that light is called hope, faith, inspiration and love. no service provider and no disability agency can give us that...this is ours, ours to work with, ours to better ourselves with, ours to claim as our very own, but ours to use and inspire others as well.

we all need hope, we all need love, faith and to be inspired, no matter who we are, no matter how we see life, no matter how we belong. 

something else i'd like to leave you with is throws us curve balls all the time, it's how we handle those curve balls and how we approach what may appear to be the impossible. sure there's a saying out there that says what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger which is very true however, let's take the negative part out of that and try a different slant...what comes our way and what makes us stronger, allows us to grow and develop and become better for it in such a way thought impossible.

hugs chris xoxo

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