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Sunday, 5 June 2011

chris turnbull photography...

it's official...i've just upgraded to my own domain and now christurnbullphotography is all mine. i feel like a kid in a candy shop...somewhat a little overwhelmed and somewhat a little excited!!!

for those of you who have been regularly following me and my blog, particularly of late, will know that slowly i'm developing and growing a little photography business within the city of greater bendigo...yep where i live. over the past 6 or so months i've had a number of families and individuals not only find out about my photography hobby but ask if i would offer photo sessions for families and children.

in the beginning i simply said no however they continued to ask and i found myself in a situation where an opportunity was right in front of me as plain as the nose on my face. the story goes a little something like this...2 months ago the bendigo advertiser contacted me as president of bendigo autism asperger group (BAAG) and asked it we would like to advertise in this years autism awareness feature for the month of april they were putting together. after taking it to the committee with everyone happy, the idea put forth and with a slightly different angle from previous years everything was in place. with this kind of full page advertising we get thrown into the price a newspaper photographer to come and take pics. photo shoot booked, few parents contacted, all permission given and everyone happy i kinda mentioned that i would also bring my camera and if i got time and parents were happy i'd randomly take photos and share them over facebook and have them printed.

what i wasn't counting on was the stories that really broke my heart and when a couple of parents spoke with me previously about the difficulties, i wasn't expecting more of the same. how many parents with cherubs with autism spectrum disorders and other challenges they faced simply did not have many photos of their kids because their kids didn't cope in a 'studio' environment, they weren't able to sit still for long enough or 'pose' for the camera and the stress and anxiety attached to that came at a cost...both financially and emotionally. photographers they had used in the past simply didn't get the difficulties these kids faced or the families so any attempt usually turned out as a fail. then to listen to others saying that even if they could manage they couldn't afford the price tag...something i personally relate to as a mum with kids on the spectrum and all the 'extra' medical expenses we face and often on a weekly basis. parents that felt guilty because they were able to have plenty of photos of their non asd kids...just weren't able to manage that with their asd kids because it was all far too hard. i get with the support of these parents, the fact that so many have come to me and asked if i would consider offering photo packages and sessions...chris turnbull photography has taken a completely different path to what i could ever have imagined.

my first official photo shoot is scheduled for saturday june 18th and my next on sunday 19th already booked in as well. so although a little nervous i'm really looking forward to everything about this process. i purposely chose to start my bookings half way through june so i could fine tune things a little. although people know i'm just starting out things are moving forward well. as i find my feet, grow and develop with a passion and dedication to offer families in the city of greater bendigo area quality and affordable photography, it's really important to let families with special needs children know that there's someone out there that is able to offer services out there for them as well.
and with that i'll finish up...but before i go completely here's a couple of photo's...

oh i knew i forgot something...i'm filling photo sessions quickly with more already schedule for late in june and then july so if you or anyone you know are wanting to book in a photo session or would like more information please contact me...all info is on my website

ciao, hugs chris xoxo

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