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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


winter has well and truly hit, it's super freezing!!! the odd thing about it is the sun is shining and if it wasn't for the would be a gorgeous day. anyway i'm sitting at my computer, blogging while i take a break from 'working' or should that read 'playing' as i work on clients photos. i've just popped a little sneak peek up of the gorgeous family i worked with on sunday. their kids are just so gorgeous...very very very busy but still so very gorgeous.

hey did i mention i know have business cards....yep diddly diddly doo...i sure do and i ordered a couple of pens with chris turnbull photography as well which arrived today. they look great and write well...which is even more important. i like a good fact i like a great pen not only should it look good, but it should also write and flow well and be super comfortable to hold - yep that's just a pen.

although the preview is fairly blah the real cards look awesome and i have plenty of them.ok so my first 2 photo shoots went well over the weekend which was fairly exciting...i still am. oh and if any locals read this i have 2 photo sessions still available for this weekend (25th and 26th). while i still have the special on which finishes up at the end of the month and you can let me know. you can email me

well that's it for now break over and must get back to work. :) but before i leave ya here is a little *sneak peek* from sunday's photo shoot, enjoy!

i'm outta here now...hugs chris xoxo

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Accepting and Embracing Autism said...

Hi from your latest follower. I found you via Network Blogs. Love your photography. I would love to have a job doing this. Be sure to check out me out at Sarah