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Sunday, 19 June 2011

moving forward...

as i sit and type this post i'm reminded of so many things that i never thought were possible. the biggest and most incredible one is that life is heading in the right direction!!!

for those of you who've been following me and my blog you'll understand how the past 12+ months have seen my family and i make some of the most difficult but courageous decisions we've ever had to face...let alone make. the journey has been far from easy however one thing stood out for me this weekend...i'm moving forward.

is that a selfish thing or is it beneficial for the entire family? the latter definitely!!! the opportunity to take up photography in the capacity and ability that has come my way has been incredible. this weekend my first 'official' photo sessions took place with 2 most gorgeous families and i was there to be a part of capturing and creating those memories.

my son lance has been quite excited for me that even yesterday he shook my hand and said congratulations mum on working (working yeh and you all know lance...he may be almost 20 however he is only that in biological years. when he gets excited he starts rubbing both hands together, takes longer strides, has this ginormous grin and is a little louder then other times but he is heartfelt with it all.

my girls are quite excited and i tend to call on them (when they are able) to be my assistants...which i know they secretly enjoy to a point. of course my youngest isaac...although at times he doesn't speak alot he still communicates (is self mute intermittently for periods of time) and one day not so long ago he said...mum wouldn't it be awesome if you became the most famous photographer in the world?!!! <----- i took that as a huge compliment. although i may never be the most famous photographer in the world, what an awesome thing to hear from isaac.

some times you just need to take a bold step of faith...for me sometimes you just need to feel confident in yourself and i am grateful for all the support i have had over these past few months...amazing and i know this journey is only beginning but it's going to be wonderful!!!

so today...i'm moving forward, something i wasn't expecting and certainly not along the path i'm taking. something i feel quite overwhelmed with and truly humbled by. 

god truly is amazing!!!

just a wee sneak peek from yesterdays photo shoot. this is nate. nate belongs to anthony and rachelle. nate is 4 and nate has autism. nate is adorable ♥♥♥

until next bloggin' take care, hugs chris xoxo

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