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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

short and sweet...

life is busy...nothing much is different there and it keeps me out of mischief that's for sure. my business cards arrived today...early...i'm not complaining because i was a tad worried that they were still in 'printing process' but nope they're here now. nice and simple which i like and of course works in with my nice and simple approach to all the forms a photographer needs to create and use and anything else. so nicely uniformed!!!

my first pre-session went well today and family photo shoot is set for saturday. my next pre-session is tomorrow with another family and their photo shoot is for sunday. this monday i did a small photo shoot with a young model kayla. she was wonderful to work with and with mum there close by a little less anxious as well.

i also managed several photos at the weekends chrysler car show that came too town and although there are a few photos to still go through the post processing...i can't wait to show them off. i already have one lot up on my website.

anyway a little sneak peek with mondays photo shoot and then i'm calling it a night. :)

 ok that's it from me...enjoy, hugs chris xoxo

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