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Friday, 29 August 2008

The weekend's here...WOOHOO!!!!

I am so grateful the weekend is finally here. I was just saying to hubby this morning that there is just so much I want and need to do but if only I had another 12 hours in my day or just think if we didn't need to sleep what we could accomplish. I have to admit that life for the Turnbull family still has not slowed down and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon but we just manage the best way we can and I think that's all that matters because unless I had a clone (although one of me's enough) or a maid I simply can't do the impossible and I'm no superwoman!

So least see....hummmm what's new since last time I blogged?

Lance is slowly settling into NETschool and although I expect once the honeymoon phase is over for him things may be a little different and that's ok cause just like every other thing.....we will deal with it. We have an appointment on Monday to meet with his mentor and discuss some matters I felt needed addressing for peace of mind because when the transfer was made unfortunately not a whole lot of Lance's personal details went with it so I asked if we could meet to discuss all those things parents need to discuss with those that need to know.....ahhhh clear as mud yeh I thought!

Grace went to Melbourne today as part of her Indonesian Class activities and went to an Indonesian Festival although 2 hours later they were all bored and so with teacher in tow managed lunch at Macca's, shopping in the Bourke St Mall and more shopping at why didn't they ever have school excursions like that in my day. :)

Stephanie is busy tonight at the Zone Entertainment Centre here in town laser tagging with her mates. She has also been fairly busy with her school sewing class creating an outfit for a fashion parade next week. Very exciting because while she finished the dress which looks awesome she also asked me to buy t-shirt material so she could make a top in class.
I will admit one thing, all my kids have a real creative side and I think it's awesome, ahhhh must be the mum genes me!!!!

Maddi is not up too anything much at except playing Runescape on the pc and that's about it. He seems to be settling into semester 2 a little easier then the start of the year but I tell ya......high school and primary school are just so far apart from one another with getting a handle on things that I think once he fully settles down and to be honest that won't be till next year he will be fine. He loves his hands on subjects such as woodwork, metalwork, electronics and all that jazz but as for the "typical" subjects forget it and not that I blame him as this kid loves to keep his hands busy. 2 things he has always said for as long as I can remember is...mum I want to join the army and I want to be a plumber. I hope those dreams of his come true and his knowledge of all things WW1 and 2 are pretty impressive I tell ya and he's only 12.

Tim has had a bit of a difficult week but we are managing and there is just so much going on that I am not surprised he has taken a step or 2 backwards but you know I've been there and done that so many times myself and as I said to him he only had to look at all we are dealing with on a daily basis and realise that we are doing it pretty darn tough and all on our own!

I threw my back out last Saturday and that's why I feel like I've been invisible. Yep another disc hernia...same place and although Tim wanted me to go to hospital to seek help I knew what it was because I have had so many of them for years that I simply said no. I just spent a day or 2 in bed because I couldn't move too well. Today has been my best day although still very painful but then I also have osteo arthritis in the spine which doesnt help and although I have needed bed rest and a walking stick I am doing kinda ok. But it sure takes everything out of you and it is very crippling. I just cannot do anything when it is like that and even when it settles I still live with chronic back pain and have to be careful with it all.

No scrapping to show off this time. I have managed to finish a few LO's but can't show them off because they are for September's issue of BSM and Tara Dunstan gorgeous new goodies not yet and apart from that I have not managed anything else. But on the plus side of things I have been wanting to get my hands dirty again with a little paper/hybrid scrapping and have been busy purchasing a few bits and pieces to create a few bits and pieces. Can't wait to get started and now just to find a little time to work on a few little projects in time for xmas. Woohoo!!!!

Ok well I think that's about it from me tonight guys except to say here it is Friday night already and my weekend has started so I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing.....have a great one.....weekend that is!!! Till next blogging stay safe and take care. Hugs Chris xoxo


Angela said...

Oooo... LOVE the new look blog.. though I've been missing for while it might have changed a few times since my last visit lol...

Hope that your back feels better too.. My mum has the same (osteo arthritis) and had to have her herniated (is that a word) disk operated on 2 years ago.. she still has a lot of problems too, and it's also made one of her legs numb.. anyway, I hope that you take it easy (although I sounds like life is pretty full on for you :) )

TRACEY said...

I do love coming to your blog and reading what you have been up to.. your blog looks lovely and fresh..
I hope you get better soon with your back Chris