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Saturday, 23 August 2008

New look and all that jazz!

Isn't the new look for my blog awesome?! I have been wanting to change it's appearance for sometime but mainly time stood in the way. I have also spent many times over at the fabulous Shabby Miss Jenn shop looking at all her gorgeous goodies for months and finally decided it was time to take the plunge and invest in a little blog wear. Thanks to Tara Dunstan for paving the way because she lost her blog and had to start a new one which I must say looks rockin' and is also using blog wear from the fabulous SMJ. Anyway I fell in love with French Attic and so thanks to Tara as well for fiddling about on my blog (behind the scenes) cause she needed too and I didn't have the time we have popped a little colour in and alot of love. Thanks girl it looks amazing and you've done an awesome job. Hugs xo

I will be putting a photo on the header but trying to take one of all the kids together might be a tad tricky and I think I will seriously have to bribe them....oh I mean reward so we can all work together with it so the header although looking good is not finished. So if you like the new look leave me some love and if you don't then love some loving!

Anyway it's Saturday here and I have been busy pottering about the place. Cleaned the pc desk and Tim and I are looking for a new one next week as well as a book shelf or two for all those bits and pieces that need to be away but not out of sight. May even take the plunge and buy me a new monitor. I have a Phillips 19 inch monitor and love it. It cost us a fortune about 5 years ago when we got our first ever home pc and that was the biggest you could get then. I am needing me a bigger one and my DD has a 22 inch and I wouldn't mind one that's 24 not greedy much hey.

Well that's it for today and to all you guys who visit thanks because it means so much and to all those keeping up with the family issues as I blog about them thanks for taking the time as well. Hugs Chris xoxo


Sharon said...

Love your new blog look Chris....anything by SMJ is just divine and Tara's done a fab job with the headings in your sidebar and background paper. I change mine up every now and again when I get bored with looking at it! Keeps it fresh for my visitors. Just gone 1am here in Melbourne so I should be heading off to beddy-byes....

Tara said...

You are more than welcome Darlin Heart!! It is soooooooooo gorgeous. hehehehehehehe! I can't stop looking at it still. ROFL!

Whooo hoooo for a 24 inch monitor too girl. I LOVE my 22 inch one and will never go back I swear. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Big Hugs & Love xoxoxoxox