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Thursday, 21 August 2008

I've been busy scrapping!!!!

Aha yep yep yep I have been scrapping a little this week. Funny thing is that I have had appointments everyday this week and yet I've still somehow managed to scrap 3 LO's in all the busyness of another week. The sad news is I can't show you any of them *sigh* because they are all for my CT requirements and even Tara's are a secret. The good news is you'll see them soon enough.....just have to be patient YAY and I know you can do that. :)

After alot of thought and decision making and Lance getting to a desperate time with school, not too mention every day life, Tim and I decided it was time to make a huge change in Lance's life to help him get through schooling. A decision not taken lightly because of the incredible difficulties this would bring about for Lance but one we felt would benefit him enormously in the long term and once things settled down again which we knew could take months not too mention the meltdowns that would come with it.

When Lance was first diagnosed with autism it was highly recommended that he attend NETschool. Still a part of the school he attends but not on the same campus, not with another 1800 students and not with the same overwhelming difficulties he has had to deal with all year in fact for most of his schooling life and in particular the past 4.5 years of high school. Unfortunately no matter how much his paediatrician, case manager or his assessor thought this move would be the best for him Lance was not so willing and something we could all understand. Better the devil you know then the one you don't no matter the fact that it is just so hard then having to undergo yet another huge change in your life and not managing because of it. Lance hates change and any small change in routine or daily life means a meltdown and a lot of time recovering from that. The impact is huge not just on Lance but the entire family.

Yes the school he attends was going to get funding for him for an integration aide as well as support aides (yet no visual cues because they said it was impossible)....but what good would that do as the integration aide would not be an expert or a specialist in autism so we realised that in itself would do more harm then good. His teachers have no understanding of autism and nor do they have time to learn after all we are dealing with a senior high school not junior and after another big meltdown and recovery time (2 weeks) and medication increases it was time to act before our Lance couldn't function at all anymore.

Anyway we made an appointment to visit on Monday, prepared Lance (very simply but well) for a few days before and let him know that we felt that we no longer had a choice but to try this. We helped him to understand the outcomes of every part of his schooling via visual cues on his whiteboard we use everyday so he could see for himself and hoped that by doing so he could somehow understand what we had to do and how it would either help or not help Lance. Monday came and so did the appointment and without going into any detail (no need to bore you here) Lance made the decision himself that he needed to try this and although the change would be difficult he knew this was was needed.
The facilitator asked him one question at the start of the meeting and that was simply "what seems to be going wrong for you at school". His reply was only one word but it implied so much "everything"!
I was so proud that Lance not only spoke even if it was just single words but knew what he meant in that one very simple word. He had finally realised that "everything" was going wrong and he was not in a good place within himself because of it. WOW!

Today was his first day there and although it will take time and he reckons it's "boring", both Tim and I feel we have made the right decision for now. What happens in a month or 2 or next year really does not matter just now because Lance can only deal with one day at a time and even that can be simply too difficult but that's fine by us because sometimes in order to move forward in our lives we must take a few steps backwards and I'm pretty sure there will be many steps backwards for Lance and us as a family but I know if it means Lance can move forward in positive ways then we have achieved what we set out to do and that is everything we can for him.

DD Grace is starting the transition from year 10 to 11 and so it is a busy time for her in choosing her VCE subjects and all that goes with it and even though we went through it all with Lance, this time it is different and although overwhelming so much easier as well. So far we have been to an Information Evening, Open Day last Sunday, counselling appointment today to finalise subjects and courses and get all the "official" paperwork sorted out. Education these days is incredibly overwhelming with a certain amount of TMI (too much information) overload. Not at all like in my days...rofl! Anyway she is looking at nursing (loves health) and more so specialising in paediatric nursing so she is preparing her subjects and courses for next year.

Stephanie is right in the middle of making a dress in sewing at school. Mostly done and we went and grabbed just a few little trimmings so she can finish it off tomorrow in class (oh and make a t-shirt) and then some of the students including herself are showing their skills off in a fashion parade soon.

Ever had a child who is right into Star Wars? That would be my almost 13 yr old son Maddi. He has the full series of Star Wars movies that my sister gave to him recently and he watches them over and over and over and over and over and over you get the gist. He loves them and wants to see the new animation one The Clone Wars and has also started collecting Star Wars Lego. Maddi is quite the collector and loves every piece he collects. Mind you the Lego pieces are put together in one hit like within an hour or two after they have been bought and then he expects a new one straight but then that's just Maddi.

Anyway I have waffled on and on and it was not my intention to do so at all. I was coming in here for a quick post to tell you the positive news with Lance and here I am still waffling. So it's with that I say goodnight and with the weekend coming up (Friday tomorrow here) take care and stay safe. Till next blogging hugs Chris xoxo


Tara said...

Ohhh Chicky that is awesome news and good on Lance for making the decision as well. Geeze girl I have everything crossed here that he will do awesome there and my heart goes out to each and everyone of ya! Oh good on ya's! One huge step that might be the best step yet girl!!

ROFL @ Maddi too! HAHAHAHAHA! That is classic! Star Wars is cool. And Harrison Ford is even better. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Big Hugs to ya Chicky xoxoxoxoxo

ksharonk said...

Exciting news about Lance ... do keep us posted on his progress. I have a good feeling about this, especially if he is 'on board' with the whole concept! :)