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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Yay it's done it's finally done!

I can't believe I finally got out there on Thursday and did the bulk of my Christmas shopping. Not only is most of it done but now I can sit back and relax that apart from Grace's birthday shopping (23rd of Dec) and the stocking stuffers I am done and for me this year that has been a huge achievement.

Oh and did you want to "hear" some exciting news?! Yeh you did, ok then here we go. A few months ago Lance's tv simply stopped working. Now to those of you out there thinking yeh so just replace it and we'll be fine, well we simply couldn't afford to and so Lance kinda took over our main tv in the lounge watching all HIS fave shows etc etc which has caused some difficulties for the rest of us.

Anyway his case manager and psychiatrist found out, decided that because of Lance's many difficulties and the impact it has on the family, that he needed his own space within his room and his own tv. A funding application had to be made, put in for approval further up the line and if approved we would be funded a new tv. Guess what..... the approval took about a week and we received that funding yesterday and Lance is the new owner of a flash new 32"LCD TCL tv. How awesome is that and already he has set up his DVD player and XBOX and even his computer can be connected to it and just in one day it has made the hugest difference. So a huge thank you to our health system here because with that small amount of funding it has made the biggest difference. Oh and there are a number of extra digital channels he can access too, something like an extra 19 ....not bad 'eh! Check it out below!

L32E9AD 32' (81cm) Integrated High Definition LCD

Built in HD tuner
8 ms response time
3000:1 Contrast Ratio
Viewing Angle 178º (H) 178º (V)
Resolution (pixels): 1366 x 768
Colour: 16.7 Million
3 x HDMI Version 1.3a, YPbPr, VGA
S-Video Input
AV input
Parental control/Child Lock
Wall mountable (bracket not included)
Teletext DTV
Analogue tuner
CEC control simple to connect with DVD etc
Super power saver( standby < 1 W)
Hotel lock
3 Year Warranty


I am now starting to look at high level care nursing homes for my grandmother. There are 7 of them for me to inspect of which 2 I have already made an appointment for next week with those I need to and once fully done 5 of them will be put down as preferences and we wait for a bed from those 5 to come up and then move her to her new home. All the paper work, the assessments, all the legal documents and the difficulty with it all as mum still wishes to maintain being her full time carer and power of attorney but doesn't want to do anything she needs to, has to or is responsible for. That makes things extremely difficult in any legal matter. So we do what we can with the Doctor and Social Worker who are there helping me with what's necessary.

Oh and guess what? We have finally put up the tree. It went up last Saturday and stayed naked until I found some time to pop the decs on it but slowly it is coming together and I just need to add a few more along with an angel topper and all will be done, promise I'll take a pic when it's finished!

Well I think that's it for today but how 'bout that pure visual in Lance's new TV?! awesomeness!!!! Ok take care, stay safe and until next bloggin' be cool, hugs Chris xoxo


ksharonk said...

Can you believe we were hunting for the same thing today, for our boy? We are turning our formal lounge into a 'studio' over the next couple of months ... bed, entertainment centre, treadmill, lounge, books, games, dvds ... all the essentials for one boy in one room! Will keep you posted as to how we are going ... :)

Ann-Marie said...

Ooh way to go and the new TV I bet Lance is loving it and you guys must be chuffed to have your lounge room back LOL!

Hope you find a great Nursing Home for your Nan .. you are so busy, I sure hope that this Christmas break involes one - a break that is!!

You take care and Merry Christmas chicky xoxox Thinking of ya.