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Thursday, 11 December 2008

All things Formal!

Isn't she gorgeous?!!! Yep that's my DD Grace at her year 10 formal last week and as much as I had tried to blog about it earlier silly blogger was having a few troubles so we will try, try again. It was a gorgeous night and the girls all looked beautiful and hey don't worry the photo with the wine glasses is non alcoholic and nothing more.

These are just a few that were taken on the day/evening and we do have some professional photos due this week and I can't wait to get my hands on them. Grace and her friends hired out a stretch limousine for the evening which took not only her but 9 of her friends to the formal. Once there we had kids arriving in all sorts of transport. Harley Davidson's, mustangs, vintage cars, rodeo utes, more limousines and one kid arrived in a supermarket trolley adapted as a side car fitted to a push bike which was pretty impressive and fun. We even had a few fellows hire out a helicopter and fly in now that was pretty awesome to see. Oooh I can't wait to see how the professional photos have turned out and Grace had a few done which we pick up later this week along with a professional DVD.

Ok so what else is new you ask!!!! Hummmmmm....I have finished inspecting the nursing homes (all 7 of them for high levels of care) here where we live and have popped the preferences down now and we just wait for a bed to come up in one of them and take it. Some paperwork is done and we just wait for that to be processed, receive the findings of that and take it to the next step once done. Considering all the difficulties everything is being done and nanna is doing well.

Lance has been well although still on a high and his last visit to the paediatrician suggests that Lance is bipolar which we have believed for a long time now as the pattern is there and so is the behaviours associated to each state of mania. That is something I know I will be bringing up this week with his psychiatrist and what her thoughts are on that.

Maddison started on dexamphetamines a month ago for ADD and the meds have been somewhat beneficial. His review appointment with the paediatrician was last Thursday and he now wants Maddi to start on Ritalin so we are wading through all that and we are seeing the benefits thus far. Of course the school Maddi is attending is finally acknowledging that Maddi indeed has learning difficulties and that he needs lots of help. However until a full diagnosis is made and we find out whether or not Maddi is indeed autistic or not with ADD the school may not be able to manage or fund the help he needs if at all they can as when questioned by the paediatrician about what supports can the school offer to those who have learning difficulties they mentioned zero.

The girls are doing well and everyone is now finished school and on holidays so it's going to be a long break for us. I haven't been able to do anymore Christmas shopping and so I am way behind and then there's Grace's birthday on the 23rd which I haven't even had time to think about. Appointments are still full on no end in sight there although thankfully I have finished looking at nursing homes but still with both my boys receiving help and Christmas drawing upon my far too quickly I still need that clone. You know I haven't stopped doing hospital rounds since midway through September and I am still there most days as I deal with nanna's stuff and visit her. Today I am taking up a small Christmas tree, some decs, stocking and tinsel and decorating her room. We are allowed and so I thought why not. Anyway I had better love ya's and leave ya's as I have the cleaning lady coming in half an hour and I'm not dressed....rofl! Till next bloggin' stay safe and take care, hugs Chris xoxo

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