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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Phew life sure gets busy.

I cannot believe how quick this year is flying by and I cannot seem to keep up with all that I should, particularly in the way of blogging. I know I BAD!
School started back last week and this is the first full week for all of my kids and can you believe that Steps started high school this year *sigh* *cry* *sigh*......yep she sure did and she is loving it. So I have Lance in YR 10, Grace in YR 9, Stephanie in YR 7 and Maddison in YR 6 and the last of the Turnbull family to be in primary school. I mean where have the years gone. I think I blinked and missed them somehow. It is really pleasing to know Steps lis oving school and in fact all of them are but starting high school is a very big step and she is an old hand at it (helps with older siblings being there).
We had the most wonderful priviledge of going to a wedding 2 weekends ago. Saturday the 27th of January, Jevon and Wendy were married. It was a beautiful and simple wedding in the Botanical Gardens in Warrnambool and then across to the RCI meeting hall for the reception which was lovely. Afternoon tea High Society way. Lots of yummy cakes, great coffee although I only had a hot chocci and soft drink for those that "needed" it. I have known Jevon since he was 5 and if memory serves me correct he turned 27 this year, although it could be 26. He married a lady in our church we all attend who had gone through a tragic marriage once already and has 3 little children to care for. We have seen these 2 fall in love and truly respect one another and Jevon has taken on those beautiful kids just like they are his own. It is wonderful to see. I wish them all the best and know that they will have a long and happy marriage. (Have photos just need to edit them before I pop them on).
I have been busy designing but I have to admit I am so uncertain about it all as I don't feel my stuff is good enough. I look at some of the most awesome designers and wish I could be like them (even just a little) and know that I am not nor will ever be. I do enjoy creating particularly papers as they are so much easier than elements and while on that subject....yep the element one, talk about WOW, they are getting more and more sophisticated all the time and I and my brain are on limits. Plus the fact I wouldn't have a clue how they create them. Always good for learning but woah sometimes it all moves to fast and I am so much better in the slow

As for scrapbooking well nothing on the paper front and as much as I want to hang onto that it is slipping away more and more and digi is fast taking over the lot. Not so good when you have so much stuff but if I use it up in one form or another than perhaps I will then just make digi 100% and I would also have a little more room in the house. Interesting times are on MOI!
As for digi scrapping well heck yeh I have done a couple of LO's and here they are.

You'll find the credits here

Find credits here

New kits in my little world of digi designing.

Find Blossom here

Find Vintage Linen here

A little sneak peek at my latest kit just in time for Valentines. Not in store just yet.

i love u paper pack.

i love u element pack

Well that's pretty much it in a nutshell for now. All lovin' is greatly appreciated so please leave some. :) :)

Until next time stay safe and keep smilin'



Mel said...

Your kits are stunning Chris! Well done! I'm blown away by them! You are most definatly good enough!! I think all creative people feel like that from time to time.

Beautiful layouts too!

You could always go mainly digi and use your paper stuff for OTP thingies?

Angela said...

Chris you have nothing to worry about with your designing if these kits are anything to go by! They look stunning, as do those layouts!! LOVE them all!

fazzbech said...

The kids are growing up quick, the wedding you went to sounds wonderful, and those are 2 stunning layouts, as are your latest kits!

I think the concerns you have about your own designs are ones that so many of us have, but hang in there, we all go through ups and downs and I'm sure your feelings will improve. Hugs!