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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

I have been so slack.....

....but mainly because Grace's birthday (23rd Dec) and Christmas and the New Year celebrations and holidays for 9 days and getting back into the swing of things got in the way of blogging. I'm back now and I do hope you all had a great Christmas, a wonderful New Year and are enjoying what 2007 is bringing you.
Well what a year already hey and how terrible are these bushfires still raging through the state of Victoria with everyone so close to them on high alert. I do hope rain comes soon and gives much relief to all those that so desperately need it including us here in good old Bendigo. We are sadly watching our gardens die as there is nothing we can do about it and we are on such tight water restrictions already. Yet I am thankful that at this stage although not for long....we still have drinking water and pray that the water and bushfire crisis soon come to an end.
Well we had a lovely time for Grace's birthday and she turned 14 which I think I am in shock over then she happened to remind me sometime recently that she will be 15 this!!!!! How does that happen.....that time just dissappears so quickly and before you know it yoru children are turning into young adults.

Christmas was lovely and we entertained my younger sister Debbie and my parents and my grandmother (whom I love dearly) and is 94 this year. We went away on the 30th down to a little place just outside of Geelong called Freshwater Creek where the church we are involved in have a private caravan park and Tim's parents own a caravan and hard annexe there so we were fortunate enought to enjoy 9 days down there and had a ball catchig up with dear friends we have known forever it seems. Only spent one day at the beach but that was enough for me it was terribly windy and hot so not the best weather for sitting on crowded beaches with no shade etc and too much sun and sand, but the kids more than made up for that as we have a pool at the caravan park and alot of the time it was not all that busy. so kids spent most of the arvo in there while Tim and I supervised and had a little (or alot) R+R. Perfect!

Anyway this week we start with back to school stuff and PHEW!!! now there be 3 in Secondary College and only Maddi left in P.S oh and of course Tim and Uni sometime in March I think.
Well just a quick blog to let you know yes I am still alive just been busy elsewhere.
Ciao for now and keep smiling.


Angela said...

Glad to hear that you had a lovely break Chris. WOW at your kids. All so grown up and achieving awards all over the place. Well done to them. You must be so proud!

Angela said...

It is a busy time of year isn't it? Great to hear that you had a fantastic time though, and that you got some time away... time does fly though doesn't it. I'm all upset because Julieanen is going into grade one, I don't even want to think about those teenage years!
I hope that you've had some rain today or yesterday, we've only had a little here, but better than nothing.

Lee said...

Glad you had a lovely Christmas Chris and a belated Happy Birthday to your daughter too! Being a Christmas Day girl I know that it isn't always fun to have a birthday close to Christmas!

I agree with the Bush fires and water situation this year many families would have not been able to enjoy the festive season as much as others.

I am with you on he growing's all going way to fast!!!