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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Trials and Tribulations.

Unusual start to my post I know yet there are times in our life that really are full of difficult moments.

Take last Friday night for example when my 15 year old son Lance was attacked by a youth quite visciously. Something you hear about in the paper or on the news when it happens to other families and your heart goes out to them but when it becomes your family....your son, then everything changes for a time.

I did write about this over at Pickleberrypop which you can view the whole story here but just to make short of an epic.....Lance and his younger brother Maddison and Lance's friend Emma (14) and her younger sis Billy Jo (10) were walking home from playing basketball from the P.S close by and on the other side of the road there were about 20/30 people both adults and kids many of them under age and drinking, partying. One kid decided to walk across the road and attack Lance by belting into him repeatedly with the other 2 kids yelling and screaming and not being able to do anything. Thankfully Lance had on his helmet which bore the brunt of most of the full on punches and he was left with some bruising, a few lumps, swollen ear and sore arm.
None of the adults across the road did anything to stop it but in fact "egged" it on and laughed and the same with the other kids. Took one driver and his wife of a blue Ford Territory to be driving by and hearing Lance's yells for help that this wonderful samaritan did a u-turn and came back to break it up.
We have been in numb mode with it all as you would imagine but each passing day is a little better and Lance is doing fine as well. He still carries one bruise and a couple of rather large nasty lumps behind his ear (left side) and on his cheek bone but we are so grateful that that is all. It could have been a whole lot nastier if that man and his wife had not stopped as at the same time another fellow was crossing the road to start attacking Lance as well but retreated as soon as the Ford stopped.
School was informed about it all on Monday and they have stepped right in for any help either Lance and Emma may need in the way of counseling etc etc. In actual fact I have to say that I am most impressed with the schools suppport and upon telling them how terribly shocked they were for the incident.
To cut a long story short we pressed charges and we're at the police station for about 1.5 hours on Friday night dealing with statements and all that. Now we wait for the police to do their part and take it from there.

On to the next topic. I have been in designer mojo if there is a place. I have been designing my very first collection called Keep it Simple. Each kit will have 6 textured papers and some elements and you will be able to mix and match the kits as well. One kit is finished, preview and all and 2 others have all their papers done at this stage. Not sure how many kits will be apart of this collection yet but I guess I'll stop when the mojo runs
You wanna sneak peek..........well of course you do.

Welcome to Guava Island.

Some of the papers closer up

.........and that's all I'm

I've completed another LO for Faer Oak......

Away.....deep in thought

Well I think that is all for now so till next blogging stay safe, count your blessings and be grateful for all you have because there is always someone out there in a much greater need than you or I.
BTW I just want to say a very BIG thankyou to the anonymous person (in case you read this) who did the kindest thing for me today. They know what they did and although I don't know who, I'm sending the hugest, most ginormous {{{HUGS}}} for making my day and popping a smile on my face and in my heart. It meant so much to me and I thank you deeply. :) :) :)
Chris >..<


Kaye said...

Wow Chris I love this new kit, gorgeous colours. I can't wait to see the rest of the collection, keep that mojo happenin' girl!

Hope Lance and your family are on the mend, what a terrible ordeal to experience.

fazzbech said...

Oh Chris, that is such a terrible thing that happened, but I'm glad everyone is now healing. Been thinking about you and the family :-)

And WOOHOO, designer mojo heaven, now THAT is what I wanna hear! I just know your new collection is going to be fabulous, the first kit looks fantastic!

And you're right, there's always someone out there with worse problems, and I try and remind myself of that whenever something small gets in the way.

Angela said...

Oh wow. I can't believe that happend to your boy :(. Society has really gone to the dogs hasn't it, and those adults should be ashamed of themselves!! Grrrr.... getting me all angry just thinking about it!! anyway, great to hear that no major damage was done, and that everyone is ok.

LOve the kit too Chris, hope that the mojo keeps on coming :)

Lisa said...

OH sorry to hear about Lance, people are so cruel :(

Hugs to you all xx