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Monday, 26 February 2007

Subscribe to my blog....simple as!

Yep there is a simple solution for catching up with updates to my blog and that is by subscribing to it and when I update you get to know first up. Scroll all the way down and on the right you can pop your email addy in and subscribe to my blog via Feedblitz. Simple....told you it would be.
Ok so I am still a little slacker then I want to be with blog updates. I was hoping that I could try for an almost daily update but at the moment there is so much happening in my own personal family life that it is difficult to keep up with anything I would like to do.
So what's new.....well I have another new kit as part of my Keep it Simple Collection finished. Hopefully all kits will be in the shop within the next week. All papers have been created but I still have 3 kits that need elements and of course previews for each but here is a little sneak peek of Wild Grape Forest.

I love this one and can't wait to scrap with any of them!

Next topic.....

Well the weekend was incredibly busy and as usual it came and went. Tim started uni (3rd yr of his degree) today so I am at home all by myself catching up on housework, Pickleberrypop, blogging, and of course designing. What a busy Monday already and in fact it will be a very busy week ahead. Lance goes on a yr 7 overnight camp tomorrow as a yr 10 mentor and I think he will really have heaps of fun. Only a few select kids have the opportunity to be a mentor and a leader in Yr 10 and he is one of them so I am very proud of him.

Well I had best leave blogging for now and hang the washing out and get stuck into this designing stuff so ciao for now....oh and don't forget to go on and subscribe!

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Angela said...

Fantastic Kit Chris and WTG Lance, You are obviously doing a wonderful job of being his mum :)