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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Another day another blog update.

Woohoo to me cause I am blogging again and so soon after the last one....what's wrong with! Nothing actually and so I thought it time for another post. Kids are at school, Tim is at uni for the day and it is so nice and quiet here all by little lonesome self...anyone jealous yet?!
That's ok you'll get there one day too just like me although it seems to take forever. Sent Lance off on the yr 7 camp down at Creswick yesterday morning as a mentor and leader to the yr 7's and I am so hoping he is having a great time. It is only an overnighter so pick him up from school about 3:30pm this arvo. Apparently the group that came back yesterday arvo (not Lance's) came back early which I happened to notice when I picked up Stephanie from school because a large number of the kids played up quite badly and therefore the whole group missed out on Macca's on the way home. You know kids these days (well so many of them) are so unruly and think they can do whatever they like and what a mess so many of them are creating within their own lives and those of others. Sad story really. Anyway Stephanie and her group went off this morning and I hope she is ok there....not that she wouldn't enjoy herself or anything like that but the fact that last night she went to bed with a bit of a tummy upset....seems to be going round whatever it is but then this morning she was bright and happy so I just hope it stays that way for her.

Yes and yay for me cause I finished my very first collection last night, zipped all the kits and am just this very minute uploading them all to the shop over at Pickleberrypop. Six kits in all and you can purchase the whole collection and save! Yep save! But they are not in the shop just yet and when they are I'll pop a link to it so you can check it out but for now I will give you a squizzy.

Well that's it from me short and sweet and remember to check in once in awhile and and hey don't forget if you haven't already then subscribe to my blog....just scroll down on the right and you''ll see Feedblitz, pop your email in and away you go and thankyou to those that have already done so.

Enjoy your day, take care, pop a smile on your dial and share it round. :) :)

Chris :)


Angela said...

The collection looks great Chris, WTG for doing it all. Have to agree about some kids not having a great attitude, it is sad :(, hopefully they will see the light.. sounds like kids are wonderful though :)

Angela said...
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Kaye said...

Oooooh Chris that collection is absolutely gorgeous! And yes I am sooo jealous about you having a nice quiet house! A few years yet before mine are off to school, I think I'll have to find someone to steal them for a day.