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Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Days are just flying by!

And I just don't seem to have enough time in my days to do everything that I would like to do.
Yesterday was Anzac day and that always brings about a time of remembrance for so many of us. It doesn't affect me personally in the way that I haven't lost anyone close to me through the war that I knew and loved but it does bring to remebrance of the incredible struggle for survival my mother and her family had during the 2nd WW over in Germany. I lost my maternal grandfather and I didn't know him on any personal level but my grandmother never really got over his MIA in the war. You see he was a captain in the German army and trust me when I say this that there were 2 armies one that was the German army......just like our Australian army and of course Hitlers army, but that's another story for another day and it is a long one. No one ever new what happened to him but my Grandmother recieved a telegram to say that he was MIA and she never knew where he had been posted or we had had gone missing or what really happened as their whereabouts were always very "top secret".

For me it is an emotional time in a kind of strange way as I cannot possibly know what it must have felt like to be a part of any war no matter what country you lived in. I know only of the sacrifice many people have made in honour of our country for us to be free and that is something to be amazingly thankful for. We do live in one very priviledge society here in Australia and for those that have gone before us to make the ultimate sacrifice and those who have fought for our freedom I thank you so very sincerely from my heart.

Two buddies of mine lost someone near and dear to them yesterday, yes on Anzac Day, and I know that it was a difficult day for them and that they are grieving for loved ones lost so I just need to let you both know that my heart and my prayers and my thoughts are with you and your families. I know Anzac Day every year for you will have a significant and special meaning for you both and that as each Anzac Day comes about year after year that you will have a day of quiet remembering for the loveds ones close to you that have passed away so suddenly.

Ok so on to a more brighter designing is going well and yes I have finished 3 more kits and I am also just waiting to do a preview for them. Which I am sure sometimes is the most time consuming. From a paper scrapper who has been published a few times, been teaching for around 18 mths and also on the design team for StickersnFun up until recently, to becoming a digital scrapbooker and bringing both the paper and digi together otherwise known as a "biscrapper" and a "tradigital' scrapper to now being a digital designer.....this is just awesome. I love my computer and I have always loved creating and now to combine both is just amazing. There are days I have to pinch myself as I don't actually believe what I am doing and I have learnt stacks but there is just so much more to learn and to keep learning and the possibilities are just endless...and I don't believe I will learn it all....would almost be impossible but I love where I am heading even if it is a little scary from time to time, I mean sometimes I have to say "girl just what have you got yourself into" but I love it and that's all there is to it. And then beware of the software upgrade.....oh boy that is going to be another learning curve....see I use PSE3, I do have PSE2 but PSE3 is so much better and of course do I upgrade again as there is a PSE4 but I have heard that it doesn't differ enough for me to want to rush out and buy it but I am upgrading this year to PSCS2 which is one of the newest and pretty powerful photoshop programs about and I have downloaded the trial version which I seldom all my brushes and extra filters and actions are all in PSE3 ( and I use them all the time) but it is a great piece of software and it has so much more to offer and of course so much more to which is a good thing right...isn't it??!!!!!

Anyway that's the only thing left on my wishlist really oh and that of a DSLR camera rather then just a point and shoot one but hey all in good time all in good time. My latest purchase was a new printer and of course I am an Epson girl through and through (just like I am a photoshop girl through and through) so now we have 2 but the latest edition to our family is a Epson Stylus Photo RX530 and what a beauty she is as well. Got everything a girl could want and then some more....almost got the kitchen sink with it as well :) ;)

Well I have raved on a little and then some more so I thought I would leave you with this LO .

Credits: Shabby Princess-Shabby Mommy Kit-piece of cake page, sanded overlay and ornate yellow paper and McCaigBean-Mean Girls Kit-So Fetch word art element.
Font: Poplar Std.


fazzbech said...

Chris you have written beautifully - thank you so much for your thoughts. Rememberance Day will always have another meaning to me now, not one that I would have hoped for, but such is life.
Oh, and I lost both my maternal grandfather's to the war also, as my heritage is German. Such hard times our grandmother's went through, but such courage they showed.

Heather said...

I want a DSLR too!!! Perhaps one day ;)

Can't wait to see previews of your new designs! :)

Lis said...

Wow, you are a busy chicken! Send some of that energy my way :) Beautiful layout too, by the way!