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Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Wow I did a LO.

Tis true I threw it together in about 5 minutes as it is a plop and drop page and I love it. I did sand the edges of the photo and today I learnt something new all about constraining proportions and making the shift key and the alt key my best buddies when I drag pics, elements etc onto a LO. Boy have they both become my best friends because of it cause it works so well and way much easier then what I was doing before.

The photo is of Lance taken at a park in Bendigo and as you can see he did so NOT want to have it but I got it with several others.

Ok credits go to:

April Calendar by Lisa Cohen.
Credits: Schmootzy Frames, Fancy Schmancy Dates, Funky Faded papers, and criss-srossed staples from Grungy Boy from
Font: Arial Narrow

As I subscribe to their newsletter this was a freebie.

Oh and just to make things more homely on this pc of mine this is my desktop and it fits beautifully right across it...not stretched but just like it is meant to be.


katef said...

looks great! Scrapartisit newsletter has some awesome things in it, as well as the freebies! And making friends with your shift key is something all PSers should do! That and falling in love with control /alt/z!!! :)

Zebette said...

Great LO Chris. gorgeous papers and a very handsome subject! Fabulous news that he is doing great at school too. You must be soooo proud of your cheeky chap!

Have a great time time away over Easter, will miss you heaps but look forward to seeing what you come up with when you get back!

Lis said...

This is lovely Chris! And I think it's a great photo!

Heather said...

Awesome layout!!!! :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Bonnie said...

Love the layout Chris....