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Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Does it ever slow down?

Nope I don't think sometimes I think it just gets busier and busier for us. I have just finished another kit but I haven't done a preview so you'll all have to wait for and you never know when it may 'pop' up so keep your eyes peel!

I can't wait to have some "ME" time so I can do some LO's it feels like it's been forever so after Easter I am going to give "ME" one day to create some awesome LO's. I have been doing lots of b'day cards too being the season for b'days at the moment here but also a few extra so I don't panic when I have forgotten someones b'day.

Oooooh and I have a it is really exciting, but my lips are sealed at present, hushed hushed, no talkies, no hints, no letting the cat out of the bag, lips zipped, nope not even an inkling and one day soon I may even tell you what it is but for now.....uhuh!!!!

Tim is getting ready for an exam on Thursday and somewhere in amongst all that I think he had a 3000 word essay to do as well. So he has his study set up nice and cosy out in the garage in hope that he doesn't get too distracted with all other things at the moment.

Then there is Easter in ummm how many more sleeps...ah that's it 2, and we are going away to Freshwater Creek a little hop, skip and a blink and ya miss it kinda place just outside of Geelong on the Torquay Rd about 10 mins from Torquay (Tims parents own an onsite caravan and solid annexe down there and the caravan park belongs to our church), which will be great. Just till the following Monday as kids need to all be back in school on Tuesday, normally we have school holidays attached to Easter but nope not this year as they decided that Victoria would have theirs coincide with the Commonwealth Games that have just come and gone but how weird is it cause the kids have been back at school now for 2 full weeks, this being the 3rd but it's still only term 1.

Which reminds me the 2 older ones yep them teens...hehehehehe.....ah I do love 'em, got there interim reports sent to us through the holidays and they are doing well and grab this one hold on to ya seats guys, Lance got a really good interim report and I say that because we get them sent to us along with notices for parent/teacher interviews which were last week and Lance has always got an extra letter in his lot to say all his teachers wish to see me as they wish to express concerns over Lances situation/behaviour yatta yatta yatta and schooling....and guess what he didn't get one so I am so proud and it just goes to show how much more settled he is this's only taken 2 years as he is in yr9 at school but just in case you didn't know Lance suffers with depressive episodes and has a major anxiety disorder that gets in the way of everyday life. He also has learning and language problems so considering this and the fact that he has had 2 mental breakdowns the 1st being at the end of yr 6 and the 2nd between yrs 7 and 8 I think he is doing so well.

Oooh but I tell ya now he is a might challenging at the moment but that's another story for another time.

Ok so this will know doubt be my last blog entry before we do go away as I will be busy packing and getting ready for our trip so to all of you have a wonderful Easter...remember the real reason why we celebrate it.....don't get to sick on Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs, please take care if you are travelling on our roads, stay safe and have a great time.

For all of you with the start of the school holidays approaching pop your sanity caps on, take time out for you, and have a great holidays....I know I always enjoy mine.

Ok that's it from me so ciao for now and HAPPY EASTER!!!!


Heather said...

wow! sounds like you are indeed quite busy!! hope things start slowing down for you and you get your 'me' time!

Happy Easter to you and your family, as well!!

Lis said...

I agree, wow!!! You are a busy bee!
Hope you have a lovely time away, come back feeling all refreshed and ready to get stuck back into it!