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Thursday, 5 August 2010


but for very good reason. yes it has been incredibly hectic since taking on the president's role for BAAG - bendigo autism asperger group and as much as it has been a little overwhelming here and there it has also been incredibly exciting. there's been barely any sleep the past fews nights, the brain keeps me awake because it doesn't switch it's thought's off at present but i'm managing and i think that says it all.

today and tomorrow i am attending the victorian autism conference here in bendigo at the all seasons out on mcivor road, which is being streamed live throughout the region from melbourne. it's been amazing so far and tomorrow will be just as good. for more information on this please click on the link under the logo's and it will take you straight to the site complete with full programs.


it's only a quick update tonight as i'm a little pooped for anything more and my brain hurts a little too but i thought i would leave you with one thing i took from today. we're all on the 'human spectrum' yet it takes a very unique and individual person to be on the 'autism spectrum'.

hugs chris xoxo

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